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  • FireKeepers Casino : Comparison

    Didnt play the table games or eat there, even though I heard the food is good. This was my first visit, the gentleman at the customer service counter was very friendly. I was there for about 4 hours, no one offered me a drink, but I found the self serve counter. The atmosphere was pretty good, but the layout was a little confusing. There is no hotel. The valet's were very courteous and prompt, but I forgot to tip when I left, sorry. I also recently visited the Soaring Eagle Casino for the first time in several years. The biggest difference I noticed, in my opinion, was the number of slot machines that paid out a jackpot at the Soaring Eagle compared to Firekeepers. Honestly, I never heard a slot machine going off with a jackpot win at Firekeepers, at the Soaring Eagle, it was about every 1/2 hour. At the Soaring Eagle, a lady 6 machines down from me won $1500 after I had played my machine for 20 minutes. We sat down at about the same time. Approximately an hour later, I heard 3 machines going off, one of them was a person I was there with. I did win about the same amount of money at both, $120.I did notice that at Firekeepers, more people won on the table games. I dont know how much the players won at the tables.I just compared these two casinos because I visited both of them recently. I have been to most of the casinos in Michigan but it has been several years. Not a scientific study, just something a regular person noticed and would consider next time they choose a place to go. I have been to Las Vegas a couple of times. Much better chances there winning than any place in Michigan.

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