I have played slots in Arizona, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisana and most every casino in Oklahoma and Winstar is the best. They not only have the most modern machines with the red screen feature, but I have found that they pay out the best. Last year alone I hit several time in excess of $2000.00 and I would say after playing there maybe 50 times I walked away a loser only about 10 times. I won far more than I lost as can be proven by my win loss statement. The problem I see here with most players is that they will continue to play the same slot machine over and over even if it isn't paying and I don't spin more than 10 time on a machine unless it pays me something worth while during that ten spins. I have hit on every denomination machine and my wife was a loser until she started following my advice not to stay with a machine if it isn't paying. The only other casino that I think can match this one is Riverwind in Tulsa.

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