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Mount Airy Resort & Casino: Waist of a 45 minute drive...

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  • Mount Airy Resort & Casino: Waist of a 45 minute drive...

    Wow, and I thought Mohegan Sun was bad. Seems that Mount Airy is getting just as bad. Took a day trip with $400.00 in my pocket and usually when I come to Mt. Airy that's more than enough for a fun day. Not this time! The slot were just terrible. Next to impossible to hit a bonus on any of the slots I played. Most I won was 50.00 then the machine sucked it all back so fast it made my head spin. This seems to be the standard at PA casinos anymore. I guess they figure with the state getting 53% of the revenues why bother paying out to the customers when it all goes to the state anyway. Average payout on PA casinos at the moment is somewhere around 91% so they say. Don't buy it. When you can put sixty dollars into a machine and not win more than 3.00 on a spin something is seriously wrong. And don't even get me started on the comps. Ridiculous. Stay home, save your money and play in atlantic city where at least you have half a chance of winning something.

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