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Harrahs Metropolis: Tight Slots!

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  • Harrahs Metropolis: Tight Slots!

    The food is great, the staff is polite and helpful, the casino and entire property is clean. Have been playing at Metropolis for about 5 years now, but the slots have gotten so tight it's losing it's fun. I live in Evansville, IN which has a riverboat, casino aztar on the river front. I quit going there because the slots were so tight, i was constantly just losing money and never won enough to play for a while. I used to win enough at Metropolis to let me stay and have some fun, never won, but never lost a lot after playing several hours. Now you can easily lose 100 dollars in a little over a hour just by betting .30 cents a roll on the penny slots. I like the free rooms, and free food you can earn, but i won't be going back as often if the slots stay so tight. There was a bank of slots that was hard to get to, because people were always playing them. Never won a lot but did get more free games and better chances of winning, now those same machines are almost always open, and rarely give out free games, and when they do they don't pay anything, i played a zeus, got 25 free spins and won $3.47. Not a lot, and during free spins it even has more wild reels. Harrah's Metropolis is a nice place to visit because of the people, but if you want to gamble a lot, go somewhere else.

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