Well, what can I say? This had to be one of the worst casinos I have ever been to, when it comes to customer service, slot payouts, etc. Before I drove from Philadelphia, I called Customer Service to verify my comp balances. Not only did I not have my slot play on my card as promised, I had to go not once, but twice to players club desk to have it added to my card. Normally, it is already on the card when it is inserted in the machine. But at this backward casino, I was told by one of the dark suits that work there I had to download it from the kiosk. That of course did not work, where everything came up $0.00 dollars. I wasted a great deal of time getting my free players comp downloaded to my card. This process was a tremendous inconvenience. Then when I finally had access to my players comp, the machines were lifeless. Not one bonus round or payout was received. I ended up hopping from machine to machine, all with the same result. I ended up spending nearly $300 of my own money with absolutely nothing in return. The bonuses that did come up paid out an anemic amount. They were pathetic. Also, I noticed the comp dollars earned was only $0.07 per hour. That is the lowest I have ever seen anywhere.

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