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Harrahs Cherokee Casino: Once great place to visit

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  • Harrahs Cherokee Casino: Once great place to visit

    My sister and I have been coming to Harrah's Cherokee, ever since they first built it, and there was no Hotel at the time. Only local ones. At first, we had a fabulous time. We won great payouts and the food was great. Each year, it has gotten not so great. After a couple of years, we were giving our money to them (although I came with a certain amount to spend, my sister came with a LOT to give them). It has gotten to be---NOT SO MUCH FUN, any more. We both are in our 70's and have always gone to casinos together. We used to have a COMP HOST. She was wonderful and very helpful. Now, NO comp host, unless you are going there five six times a year, or at least once a month!! It is ridiculious, as my sister lives in VIRGINIA!!! Still works a job and cannot travel to NC once a month. Now, when you try to get a room, (Although you get a booklet with FREE room ) they say that they are FULL UP. Really? Out of hundreds of rooms, they are FULL UP?? NO WAY. Also, your Rewards Points are taken away, IF you do not play within six months. THAT is NOT fair!!! We van only go there twice a year, since my sister lives in VIRGINIA!Now, our very FAVORITE restaurant in the hotel Selu , (Which by the way, had the very best food) is gone, and guess who is there?? PAULA DEAN'S. Will it be as good? We will find out soon. If not, we will travel about two miles down the road towards Maggie Valley, and eat at Granny's Kitchen, which is what we do at least once or twice while we are there. EXCELLENT food buffet, and doesn't cost much.As for playing the slots....Well. I will play for awhile, not very long (because There are VERY FEW Lock and Roll machines left, and all those silly annoying games making all kinds of annoying noises!) unless I can find a Lock and Roll machine. Now, the machines are the ones that you have to play 9 lines and 10 coins. Might as well go over and play (give your money) a dollar machine. We always liked the bars, stars and 7's machine's, which you have to look for a day, to find one. All those silly burping, belching, barking, noisy machines!!All I can really say, is that the staff at the casino and at the hotel are excellent and courteous. The view from the rooms are very nice, to look out early in the morning, to see the sun rise over the most beautiful mountains on the East Coast.Although the casino isn't what it used to be, I have fun.Come and stay and play, and leave your money, here.

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