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Muckleshoot Casino: Go for gaming, not for pictures

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  • Muckleshoot Casino: Go for gaming, not for pictures

    I have been going to the Muckleshoot for about 3 years now, and I admit, I win some, I lose some. If you go on a thursday, friday or saturday, you are just more likely to lose your money. Why? Those are the nights that everybody is out. Those are the paydays so people are out blowing their paychecks of course. Around the first of the month, I am sure that people are spending up there SSI and disability paychecks there, so, that may not be the best time to go, however, I like to go on Sunday nights or mondays and tuesdays during the day, when everybody is at work, and I do get better payouts. Today? I put in 20 bucks, and leave with over 500. Sometimes you hit on the machines, sometimes you just don't. I like a lot of the machines they do have, but there are others I try to stay away from. They are integrating more vegas style games, in fact, some of the games I played today were the ones I played 2 weeks ago in vegas. Their buffet? I went there once. I was not impressed with it whatsoever, especially the ballistics gel they try to pass off as fruit gelatin. Its gelatin alright. You cant cut through this thing easily, I would hold on to my steak knife if I were you. The drinks are a little bit pricey, but in ANY casino, you will pay more for your drinks, but the drinks I have gotten were also made by a heavy handed bartender, so I got what I paid for at least. I miss their old restaurant they had by the poker tables (cookaburra's), as it had a smoking section, but after the remodel, the fry bread was no longer free, (one of my favorite things there) and some of the staff at the new restaurant were rude and would completely ignore you unless you did a little jig to get there attention. I have received pretty good customer service from them, and they have acknowledged me when I made a complaint about the bathrooms. Another reason why I don't like to go on the weekends, too many drunk women walking into the bathroom, that don't flush or leave the stalls dirty. Drinks everywhere, smoke butts, yes. But on the weekdays, when things are slower, its a much cleaner atmosphere. I don't make it a point to think about what color the walls are, or the carpeting, that's not why I am there. I admit, the Snoqualmie casino, is a much brighter atmosphere, and it does not smell so heavily of smoke. They have made it a point so far to keep it smelling somewhat flowery/fruity. However, the muckleshoot is bigger, and they put more time and energy into maintaining the casino floor, not picking out the right potpourri that will soothe the senses. There could be a little more light, that would be nice, but oh well. You go to gamble, not to take vacation pictures. I like that they have bingo separately, you don't have to walk through a huge floor just to get to the bingo hall, or crawl over the many people flittering about the rows. I am not crazy about the bingo, because they tend to call fast and some people just can't keep up. THE POINT IS: If you want to go and have a chance at winning, go on one of the aforementioned days, not on Friday or Saturday when half the people are intoxicated and are slapping the machines like its going to magically give them a bonus. Also, don't go expecting some grand casino. This is not the Luxor, this is not the MGM Grand, and it is not the Bellagio. You are not going to get a high quality casino here. But you are going to get what you come for on the good days, which is cash.

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