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The Meadows: Not Perfect, But Slots Are Better Than Most

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  • The Meadows: Not Perfect, But Slots Are Better Than Most

    We live in Cleveland so it's a couple hour drive to any casino we go to, so in the end we want to make sure we go to a place where we have the best chances at bringing something back. We've tried the other western PA & WV casinos & had no luck on the slots at all; if we came out $20 ahead it was a good day. We've been to The Meadows about six times this year & though my husband has a losing record I've come out several hundred dollars ahead 4 out of 5 times. The slots machines seem newer than most places & the staff is friendly. I'm very impressed with the variety, and the fact that they have a lot of penny slots. The customers seem a step above what you sometimes deal with at other casinos. My biggest complaint is that trying to get a drink is impossible. I wish they would at least have self-serve soda machines, though ideally it would be great to have more servers on hand. I've only been asked twice if I wanted something to drink, and that's during at least 30 hours of slot play. The long lines at the bar are annoying & the bar staff seem slow, though for the most part prices seem more reasonable than other places we've been. The food court is a good "cheap meal" option. The non-smoking section isn't anything to brag about. The Player's Club is ok, though I think it could use some improvement regarding rewards. Right now this is our casino of choice; I am no longer wasting time at the others. It's not Vegas, but it's a good alternative.

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