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Fantasy Springs Casino: Caught Tampering with Video Poker Machines

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  • Fantasy Springs Casino: Caught Tampering with Video Poker Machines

    Before playing at this casino, you should take a few minutes to read our experience there. While playing Video Poker Machine # C20032979 at Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino on December 31, 2010, we experienced the machine not having any sound. We were told by a slot attendant and then a floor supervisor, that the video poker machine was broken and they would not fix it. Unlike a regular slot machine, a Video Poker machine has an audio alert when the player is dealt a winning hand. The manufacturer gives the owner of a Video Poker machine the ability to turn the sound down or up, but not off. That is not an option for a Video Poker machine because of the audible winning hand feature.Because the floor supervisor, [name redacted], flat out refused to send a slot technician over to check the machine we were playing, my husband was forced to get several people involved throughout the casino, including security, and almost got thrown out. When the shouting and belligerent language, from both sides, was brought to our host‘s attention, he called, [redacted], the Slot Technician Manager who sent, [redacted], a Slot Technician over to check the machine. We witnessed the slot tech removing the top, front panel and connecting the speaker wires. To reiterate, the Video Poker machine's speakers were physically disconnected by the casino. If a casino alters the normal function of a gaming device to gain an edge over the player, it is considered “cheating” or “fraudulent“ gaming (California Gambling Control Act, Chapter 10 Sections 332b, 334a and 337u.g.). By deliberately disconnecting the speakers and eliminating the sound on a Video Poker Machine, we feel the establishment gains an edge. Just because the establishment got caught tampering with this machine and eventually hooked the speakers back up, does not change the fact that they were cheating customers and are probably still cheating customers by telling them that the “Video Poker machines are old and have no sound and they will not fix them.” Any video poker machine that has no sound, especially if it is brought to the casino’s attention by a player, should be fixed or turned off.

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