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Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: Service from bad to worse

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  • Emerald Queen Casino at I-5: Service from bad to worse

    We have been going to EQC in Fife for about 6 months. The service overall was very poor but felt we could live with it. Well today, that all changed. One of their workers left the door wide open in non-smoking so a breeze came through. It was very cold and drafty sitting at our machine and at $$$ per hour, absolutely no fun. So, when this woman walked by...we asked that she close the door please as it was drafty. She proceeded to ignore us and keep walking. Thinking that perhaps she had not heard us because of the machines, etc. we asked again. She then started yelling and stomped off mumbling something under her breath. We all kind of laughed and kept playing. There were many people around besides my husband and myself who witnessed this. A few minutes later, a massive security guard came over with the employee behind him. She yelled...there they are and pointed at us. She went on to say that we had "cussed her" (which we absolutely did not) and she wanted us REMOVED from the casino NOW. She kept yelling and not letting us get a word in. She also refused to tell us her name. Finally the security guard called on his radio and said to us...a manager is coming to straighten this out. When the manager arrived, he took the security guard and the employee out into the main area and talked with them for about 5 minutes. He then came back and said that we could fill out a complaint form, if we wanted. Never got an apology or anything else. We did fill out the complaint form along with two other people who witnessed the whole thing. The manager then proceeds to WARN US that if we approach employees in that fashion (asking them to close the door??), we can be banned from the casino. Really? We are now saving our money for Las Vegas. No, EQC does not give a good return for their money. The only up side was that I walked out after doubling my money today (also a rare occurrence).

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