This started out bad...stopped at visitor center and received certificates for free boarding, free buffet and $10 player cash. When arrived to get our boarding tickets we were advised that these certificates were no longer honored; but, after complaining that these should not be given to visitors....we paid $20.00 each with a $5 free play. Once on the ship, when we turned in our free play certificates, once again were told they did not honor. Again, we argued that the lady in the office had given these to us. I wanted the paperwork back but the employee grabbed them; and, I said I wanted them to take back to the woman in the office. The employee said "I did not say I wont honor them, I said we dont honor them". I challenge anyone who finds this statement reasonable. ... tho we did get the $5 free play....while she made fun of me to my children. Then we were eager to enjoy the buffet and relax while waiting to go out to sea. Having missed the morning cruise, we had spent the day in Myrtle Beach but put off eating so we could enjoy the buffet. Immediately, we were told there was no Coke on the entire ship....only water, coffee and sprite. The food was not fit to throw overboard. ...cruelty to fish. The pork chops were so hard they could not be cut; and, if we did get a piece it was as if the pepper box had been spilled....sooooooooooo much pepper. Slots were extremely tight....I saw one woman receive $8800....but, heard more people complaining about the tightness of the slots. When you put $200 in a 5cent machine and do not hit one single bonus game....THAT is tight. I have hit casinos from California to Myrtle Beach and I say SAVE YOUR MONEY. My daughter was winning on a 5cent machine then it quit paying for the same lines it had been paying on. She called for help; but, she got tired of waiting and continued to play. The attendant came over, she explained the problem and he said to her, "Before you get anything into your head....these machines do not do that." The woman next to her said she was shocked at his rudeness. The experience continued to the end....I put money in a machine and I received a tap on my employee advised that I could no longer gamble. I was surprised and asked why not....well, it turns out that they did not have an intercom system working. Think of the safety issue THAT could be. It also explained why the table games began playing approximately 5 min. before the slots came on.We will not go back again. And, I heard nothing but complaints about the food, tightness of the gaming; and rudeness of the employees from the people. Several people advised that the BigMCasino paid better and food was super...claiming they had enjoyed the morning cruise on it.

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