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Fire Lake Grand Casino: BEST casino in OKC area

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  • Fire Lake Grand Casino: BEST casino in OKC area

    My husband and I have been here 6 times in the last 6 months. We used to go to riverwind for a fun night out to gamble and get away from the kids for awhile, but we have switched to Firelake Grand. The casino is the largest one around and the atmosphere is great, plenty of room and not too smokey. Employees are friendly enough. I had a slot machine tilt on me and it took about 10 minutes for a lady to come fix it; she was very apologetic and comped me $10 free play. Large selection of slots and i have actually been able to play on them for longer than 15 minutes, unlike most other casinos in OK. I don't mind losing if I can play for awhile. Actually played on a quarter machine for 3 hrs with $40. We don't spend our house payment gambling, we each take $100 and 5 out of the 6 times we've gone we have come out ahead or close to even. We don't just play the slots though, we play everything!!! Poker room is nice. . .standard. . .the guys always underestimate us girls ha! ha! Table games include craps and roulette, which are hard to come by in Oklahoma. There are the dreaded 50-cent antes, but Firelake has been having NO ANTES every other month. First time we went there were antes, Dec no antes, Jan antes, Feb none, etc. April is coming up and no antes again so we will definitely be going back. Buffet is just okay, but you get coupons for having a player's card. My husband prefers the sport's grill. You have to pay for drinks just like all casinos around here but they are good and there are usually beer specials. ($1 house in april) Free self-serve pop. We have been to most of the casinos in the OKC area and even though some are closer to us (we live in Moore) we will make the extra drive to Firelake Grand. Hope this is helpful and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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