This was the first time my husband and I went to Durant. We had been to Grant a few times and only broke even all together so we thought we'd try this. I played a $1 slot and hit $1500 on $80. My husband likes Roulette so after I hit I joined him. We hit $400 and played down to $175. I told him to cash out and That's when I told him to try the high roller room which i had already walked through and observed. And we ARE NOT HIGH ROLLERS. He went in playing a $5 slot betting the minimum. Hit 2 JACKPOTS $1500 & $2400, then cashed a $2400 voucher from the same machine. By this time we had multiplied the money we took by 4x. Then he hit another Jackpot on a $25 slot and only played $50. It amounted to $2400. Moved to the very next one and hit another JP of$1250. We played a little more in the newer high limits and decided we'd try the older room. We walked out of that room with 5000 after playing to see if we could get more. Went down the ramp to the old high rollers room. Lost 800. Then I told my husband to try a $25 slot. I handed him 200 he put in 100, hit 2000 JP. The attendant didn't even need his ID by now. She leaves and exactly 6 mins later he hit another 2000 JP on the same machine. She came back and said she didn't even make it to the cashier room to log the first one. We ended up playing all 13000 back but we always budget to come home with Nothing. It was fun and I wish we'd had stopped but that's life. If we'd had hit the 40,000 though we would have said glad we kept going. But That's how it goes. WILL BE BACK!!!

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