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    March 9-23, 2011

    The year is 2031. Father Time has not been kind to the Westies who now reside in a semi private room, shared with Max-the-Schipperke, in the Snake Eyes Zumba Parlor and Nursing Home. Their idea of entertainment these days involves being wheeled to the community room to watch reruns of Jessie Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory or Days of Our Lives: the first 65 years. What passes for fine dining is an evening meal of overdone mystery meat, reconstituted potatoes, a pureed vegetable du jour and a slice of prune pie ala mode. Their sole gambling activity involves Metamusil and the distance to the nearest bathroom.

    When we were younger, so much younger than today,
    We never needed anybody's help in any way.
    But now those days are gone, we’re not so self assured
    Now we find we've changed our minds, but someone’s locked the doors.

    On a dark and gloomy evening in early March, a spaceship from Planet Dementia landed in the used car lot immediately adjacent to Snake Eyes. The leader, wearing a black Stetson hat and toting a 6-string guitar, entered the nursing home and made his way to the Westies’ room introduced himself as Garth Vader.

    After a few minutes of pleasantries, Garth offered the Westies an opportunity to take a pill that would transport them back in time and space to Las Vegas circa 2011. The only condition was they had to agree to take a second pill two weeks later on their return to Hartford. Since neither of them could remember having visited Las Vegas in the past, they did not hesitate to accept the offer. The following trip report is based on their shared recollection.

    03/09 On arriving in Las Vegas, we took the shuttle to Alamo in the consolidated rental facility only to discover they were out of Deloreans so we settled on a Hundai Accent with 4,732 miles on the odometer. Traffic was relatively light so the drive to Sam’s Town, where we were staying for the duration of this trip, took little time. Check-in went smoothly and we were assigned room 391, a nonsmoking room with a king-sized bed and expansive views of the beautiful roof top.

    After unpacking, we were off to Boulder Station’s Havana Lounge where we enjoyed a pair of merlots courtesy of LVA coupons. Our next stop was the Oyster Bar at Palace Station where we stood in line for about 15 minutes until a few stools became available.

    We each ordered the combination pan roast that included crab, lobster, fish, shrimp and a generous portion of rice. The pan roast is prepared in front of you and it proved to be both delicious and filling. ($6, Points, 4 Spoons out of a possible 5)

    We stopped at the Wal-Mart immediately across from Sam’s for sundry items before calling it a night.

    03/10 I woke up at 2AM this morning ready for some FPDW (full pay deuces wild) action. Over the following 4.5 hours I managed to hit 2 quad deuces, each paying 1,000 coins.

    Our first breakfast was the buffet in Sunset Station using a coupon printed from the Station Casino’s new website. This breakfast buffet is one of the better ones in a locals casino and the current pricing, $4.99, makes it a down right steal when combined with a 2/1 coupon. I enjoyed a breakfast of OJ, skim milk, grapefruit sections with strawberry yogurt, easy over eggs and hash browns. ($5.39, 2.5 Forks)

    We then drove to the Paseo Verde Library in Henderson where we purchased 3 hard cover books and quickly checked our email.

    In the early afternoon we returned to Sam’s in time to catch the Variety Talk of the Town show which is free for B Connected slot club members. Today’s show was hosted and starred Poperazzii, a 3-member group that sings Italian popopera. They sang 6-7 songs including Boccaceli’s “Time to Say Goodbye”. Other performers included Mark Giovi (Bite) who performed both solo and with Genevieve Drew, Mr. Freddie B (jazz) and Alex Christopher (a 17 year old local singing sensation). The latter performed two songs including a wonderful rendition of Tom Jones’ “Green, Green Grass of Home”. (4.5 Claps)

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    Re: Back to the Future

    Ann won $10 playing VP in the late afternoon shortly before we departed for Boulder Station where we enjoyed a pair of merlots before heading to Summerlin for dinner at Technique in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School.

    This student-run restaurant offers a 5-course tasting menu that costs a mere $15 per person. We started off with a glass of Ross Estates “Light Out Bound” shiraz and each chose the same 5-courses: 3-cheese onion gratin soup, endive, frisee, duck confit, and lobster with apple dressing, Caesar salad, miso salmon over Asian vegetables in a wonton wrapper with roasted pineapple and sesame vinaigrette and pumpkin crème brulee. Service was excellent and everything we sampled was good with the highlights being the onion soup and salmon. ($31.48, (, 3.5 Forks)

    We were both exhausted so on our return to Sam’s we retired to our room.


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      Re: Back to the Future

      03/11 In spite of a pair of natural straight flushes, including one dealt to me, and my #3rd quad deuces, dealt to me on the re-draw, I lost money.

      Breakfast was a cup of coffee for Ann and a shared apple fritter at Ronald’s Donuts on Spring Mountain Road. ($2.89, 3.5 Forks)

      Our next stop was the Orleans where we each used a Las Vegas Advisor (LVA) play $10, receive $10 in free play coupon. Ann cashed out at $3.75 while I made $10. The next stop was the Gold Coast where we played similar coupons with Ann winning $17.50 and me a paltry $8.75. Our grand total was $40, 2 bottles of water (Ann) and 2 bloody Marys’s (me).

      It was now lunch time so we headed east on Flamingo to 9091 LA Style. This restaurant offers limited outside seating and serves Korean-style tacos so we ordered a special that included 4 tacos (1 pollo and 3 with Korean BBQ beef) plus a 20-ounce diet Pepsi. The beef tacos were superior to the one with chicken. Each included a medium sized portion of thinly cut, crispy, sweet potato fries. ($5, KSHP, 3.5 Forks)

      I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading (5%) and napping (95%). In the meantime, Ann hit her first quad deuces of the trip.

      In the late afternoon we watched the first half of the UCONN (men) versus Syracuse basketball game before heading off to the South Point Casino for the Friday night happy hour featuring $2 drinks. We started off with merlots ($5, 2.5 Sips) at the Silverado bar and then upgraded both physically and quality wise to Tequila Mockingbirds (tequila, triple sec, blue Curacao and pineapple juice) at the upstairs Tequila Bar. ($5, 4 Sips)


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        Re: Back to the Future

        Dinner tonight was at Sabor, an upscale Mexican restaurant that we first visited last September.

        We received complimentary house made tortilla chips with two delicious salsas and a black bean dip plus small bowls containing cumin seeds and coriander that have been roasted.
        We started off sharing a nopales salad (not so crispy cactus with diced tomatoes, sweet corn, pearl onions and cilantro that was dressed in light vinaigrette and finished with queso fresca and pine nuts).

        Ann chose the Quajillo scallops as an entrée; scallops with a spicy quajillo chili rub that were sautéed and finished with sweet corn, caramelized onions and sundried tomatoes. Not to be outdone, I ordered Mole Negro Oaxaqueno (a large portion of grilled chicken covered in Mom’s, actually his mother-in-law’s, deep brown mole and fried plantains). We concluded this bountiful feast by sharing a flan Napolitano with homemade caramel and whipped cream. ($41.78,, 4 Forks)

        03/12 Last night was an early to bed and I rose early this morning so I was hopeful I would be wealthy and wise today. I am not sure of the being wise part, but I did manage to hit #’s 4 and #5 quad deuces.

        Our destination for breakfast was Addiction in Rumor Boutique Hotel. The small dining room, done in various shades of white, was serviced by only one waitress. Ann chose the silver dollar Butterfinger & mascarpone pancakes with maple syrup and a coffee. I selected an egg white scramble with spinach, roasted red peppers, and sundried tomatoes that were accompanied by breakfast potatoes (lukewarm) and sourdough toast. The food was pretty average so it is unlikely we will be returning in the future. ($16.97,, 2 Forks)


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          Re: Back to the Future

          We made the short drive to the Planet Hollywood parking garage in order to tour the new the Cosmopolitan. The 3-story Chandelier bar is impressive as is some of the public art, but what will probably have us retuning will be one of their reasonably priced, by Strip standards, restaurants. (3.5 Claps)

          On returning to Sam’s, we each put in a short losing VP session.

          In the late afternoon we again made our way to Boulder Station where Ann enjoyed a merlot while I sipped on a really bad frozen margarita before ordering a draft beer. ($3, LVA, 2 Sips)

          We then made a relatively traffic-free drive to the Cannery in North Las Vegas where we held dinner reservations at Waverly’s Steakhouse. The room is tastefully decorated and service throughout our meal was excellent.

          We decided to pass on appetizers/salads in favor of an order of delicious sautéed spinach. We each chose grilled halibut for an entree that came with au gratin potatoes. Everything was excellent though our halibut was overdone and dry. We did not return the fish because we were under tight time constraints since we would be seeing a show immediately following. ($45.15,, 2.5 Forks)

          As we exited the restaurant, I was amazed by the long line snaking across the casino for the Legends of Motown Old School Tribute show. The large cast of impersonators covered songs by Gladys Knight & the Pips, O’Jays, Al Green, Temptations, Four Tops, Spinners, Marvelettes, James Brown plus a few others. The impersonations ranged from pretty good to mediocre. After 2 hours, my butt was in serious pain from sitting on the very hard fold-up chairs. ($9, KSHP, 2.5 Claps)


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            Re: Back to the Future

            03/13 During an otherwise forgettable VP session, I drew the 2 cards needed for my first royal flush of the trip.

            We decided to celebrate our new found wealth by having brunch at Bernard’s Bistro by the Lake in MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas. We arrived at 10AM only to discover they now start serving the brunch at 10:30AM so we decided to visit the spa at the recently reopened and renamed Ravella Hotel. Business this morning was slow so an employee gave us a personal tour of the beautiful facilities.

            The weather was in the low 70’s so we decided to sit on the patio. I was a bit taken back by the increase in menu prices, approximately 35%, since our last visit in December. Ann again ordered the quiche Florentine with petite salad while I chose the Cordon Bleu omelet served with breakfast potatoes. Both dishes were deftly executed and delicious. ($22.30,, 3.5 Forks)

            As we were enjoying our meal and the balmy temperatures, approximately 30 high-priced sports cars entered the plaza After exiting the patio, we enjoyed viewing the many Lotus’, Ferraris and Porches on display.

            On our return to the room we read the newspaper before putting in relatively long sessions at the FPDW machines where I registered a small loss.


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              Re: Back to the Future

              Ann’s was dry. I enjoyed the crispy crust, Ann didn’t. Each came with a choice of 3 sides. Together we sampled macaroni and cheese (3), green beans (1), collard greens (4), fried okra (3) and sweet potatoes (3.5).

              The restaurant was in process of closing for the night as we began to exit so the biggest, baddest-looking security guard I have ever seen opened the unlocked door and watched as we got safely in our car. If things turn ugly between me and Garth Vader, I want this guy with his Glock on my side. ($16.53,, 3.5 Forks by Westie, 2 Forks by Ann)

              On our return to Sam’s we beat a hasty trail to Roxy’s Lounge to listen to a few sets by Mark Giovi and Genevieve Drew. A few of the songs they covered were Chicago, Unforgettable, Fly Me to the Moon and L-O-V-E. (4 Claps)

              03/14 Holy horseshoe Batman, I was dealt 4 deuces on the redraw again making it a total of 6 quad deuces and a royal flush in the first 5 days of this trip.

              I made a dumb mistake by driving to the Fiesta- Henderson for breakfast this morning thinking Denny’s had closed and it might as well have given the few customers in restaurant. We each ordered a short stack of what turned out to be very mediocre pancakes. Oh, how I miss the old coffee shop at the Reserve, in fact I miss the Reserve. ($1 points, 1.5 Forks)


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                Re: Back to the Future

                Following breakfast we made the short drive to the Paseo Verde Library to check our emails and purchase yet another book for Ann. We also visited the Henderson Multigenerational Center to view a small exhibit of paintings by Glen Haywood, a local resident. (1.5 Brushes)

                On our return to the room we shared a piece of sweet potato pie from our dinner at M&M Soul Food. (3 Forks) After reading the newspaper, we parted ways. Actually Ann parted for the VP machines while and I stayed in the room and napped.

                We reunited and on our drive out the Boulder Highway that evening we saw a woman run across the highway pushing a walker – what’s that all about?

                Our destination this evening was Red Rock Resort in Summerlin for T-Time at T-Bones Chophouse.

                This nightly happy hour runs from 5-7PM and includes a large menu of $5 appetizers and drinks. As bonus, the cocktail waitresses and female bartenders in their slinky black dresses and high heels are drop dead gorgeous. There were also 4-6 suits milling about whose function I never figured out so they must be management.

                We started off with drinks; Ann chose Peaches (4.5 Sips) (absolute peach vodka, Pama Pomegranate liqueur, elderflower syrup, fresh peaches, Rock Candy syrup, fresh line and a sugar rim) while I chose the Blue Mojito Devil (4 Sips) (Bacardi Razz, Hiram Walker blue Curacao, fresh blueberries and fresh mint topped with club soda). We than shared the TBones Steakhouse salad; a large portion of romaine lettuce, bacon, avocado, gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes and white French dressing. (3.5 Forks)

                Our third order included a glass of Rodney Strong merlot and Chicken Pot Pie for Ann while I chose The Cocktail You Gave Me Last Time; Montecristo 12 year rum infused with fresh pineapples, vanilla beans, cinnamon, pineapple juice and brown sugar topping (3.5 Sips) and Beef on Weck; a healthy heap of prime rib sliced thin on a roll served with French Fries, au jus and 3 horseradish sauces (3.5 Forks). The bill for our drinks ($20) exceeded our food ($15), but it was all covered, minus a $6 gratuity, by Ann’s points.

                On our return to the room we shared a peach cobbler from our dinner at M&M Soul Food. (3.5 Spoons)

                We then retreated to the VP machines for a short session with me breaking even and Ann losing.


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                  Re: Back to the Future

                  03/15 This morning’s session was notably boring with me effectively breaking even.

                  We headed west this morning for the South Point Casino where we rendezvoused with Buddha and Nancy at the breakfast buffet. They were on their way to the airport after enjoying a week’s vacation. Our leisurely breakfast lasted almost 2 hours during which I consumed a Bloody Mary, OJ, grapefruit with strawberry yogurt, carved ham and a huevo ranchero. ($6.19, LVA, 2.5 Forks)

                  PS – thanks Jim for the leftover coupons. I played all 3 of $5 MPs at Sam’s, but only broke even.

                  On exiting we drove to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and toured the Treasures of Egypt and other exhibits I used a 2/1 coupon that was printed off their website. [L=][/L] ($8, 2 Claps)

                  Once again I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading the paper and napping before putting in a very abbreviated VP session.

                  In the late afternoon we drove to the Clarion Hotel, formerly the Greek Isles. A large sign was posted advising of a $10 parking fee so we parked on a nearby street. The bartender told us the parking fee is imposed whenever there is activity at the nearby Convention Center.

                  To be kind, this casino/hotel has seen better days, but the staff is friendly and the drinks (merlot) were free using ACG coupons. The bartender ran out of merlot when we ordered a 2nd round so she had to call security to obtain another bottle. Talk about tight inventory controls. (2 Sips)

                  We then made the short drive to Palace Station where we dined at the Broiler. We each ordered the 8 ounce filet mignon done medium rare. All entrees include the soup and salad bar. The filet was cooked to perfection and turned out to be better than I expected. ($9, LVA, points, 3 Forks)

                  It was back to the Clarion for the Shades of Sinatra show in the intimate Wolf Theater The 4 performers sang over 30 of Frank’s greatest hits accompanied by pre-recorded music. It is unfortunate, given the quality of their voices and stage presence, that the sound system is as rundown as the hotel itself. ($15, 2 Claps)


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                    Re: Back to the Future

                    03/16 This morning’s 4.5 hour session yielded a 2nd royal flush.

                    On the way to breakfast we dropped off our dirty clothes at our usual wash and fold before continuing on to Einstein’s Brothers where Ann ordered a coffee and we shared a bagel plus a BYOOJ (bring our own orange juice) in the car. ($4.87, 3 Forks)

                    I dropped Ann off at Elements Massage for a Swedish massage and then killed the following hour by filling the gas tank and reading the newspaper. [L=][/L] ($60, Groupon, 3.5 Hands)

                    It was senior day at M Resort so we chose to have the ½ price lunch at Studio B buffet this afternoon. We arrived around 12:30PM and took me just over an hour in line before I reached the cashier. After being shown to a table, I headed for the free wine and just as I was returning to the table I bumped into former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Fortunately for him, I had drinks in both hand or else I would have given him a good trouncing.

                    This buffet remains one of the better ones, but IMHO it has slipped in quality since our last visit. [L=][/L] I managed to fill up a wide variety of salads, side dishes, a pair of fried shrimp, cioppino, cappuccino and a dozen (a slight exaggeration) desserts. ($16.20, 2.5 Forks)

                    Westie enjoying a merlot:

                    On exiting the buffet, we joined the crowd at Revello Lounge where Mark O’Toole now performs on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-5:30PM. [L=][/L] Mark covers a wide variety of music including songs made famous by the likes of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Barry Manilow and Nat King Cole. Though he sings to pre-recorded music, his voice and the sound system are excellent. (4 Claps)

                    Before retuning to Sam’s we picked up our clothes at the wash and fold. ($11, 4.5 Folds)

                    Later that evening I stopped by Roxy’s Lounge in Sam’s where Mr. Freddy B was performing. I saw one lady sitting alone at the bar and asked if she was a VegasBabe (member of Everything Las Vegas Board), if looks could kill they would have buried me on Boot Hill the following afternoon.


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                      Re: Back to the Future

                      03/17 It was St. Patrick’s Day and I had green in my pocket after hitting my 8th quad deuces of the trip.

                      We decided to celebrate by having breakfast at the Le Village buffet in Paris, the casino, not the city. This buffet at one time was arguably the best in Las Vegas, but it has continued to deteriorate under Harrah’s ownership. My menu included OJ, Lyonnaise potatoes (terrible), strawberries with yogurt, a variety of cheeses, a hard boiled egg Benedict (yuck) and Andouille sausage. ($16.20, LVA, 2 Forks)

                      On our return to Sam’s I played 3 rounds in the senior’s slot tournament recording lower scores on each successive round.

                      In the early afternoon we drove out to the South Point for the Dennis Bono radio show. His guests this afternoon included Clint Holmes, Corrie Sachs (Country Stars Tribute Show), Wendy Edmead (Pointer Sisters and a variety of Broadway shows), Carmine Mandia (Shades of Sinatra) and 2 members of Sha Na Na. (3.5 Claps)

                      On exiting I joked with Carmine that I couldn’t get away from him and he invited us (and everyone else he talked to) to see him perform at the Bootlegger Bistro on Sunday, but we declined because we had tickets to see Sha Na Na.

                      We then used our ticket stubs for a pair of complimentary mudslides (2 Sips) at the Grandview Lounge before returning to Sam’s to watch the UCONN versus Bucknell game in our room.

                      At around 8PM we drove over to Spring Mountain Road for dinner at Bosa I, a highly acclaimed Vietnamese restaurant, only to discover it had recently closed. Our Plan B was the nearby HK Star Cantonese restaurant where we shared orders of shrimp in black bean sauce and chicken chow fun.


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                        Re: Back to the Future

                        03/18 Within minutes of sitting down, I was dealt 3 to the royal and drew the remaining 2 for my 3rd royal flush of the trip. Though this was the first time I have had 3 royals on the same trip, I assure readers of this TR I have not knowingly ever used performance enhancing ***** though at one time or other I may have been injected with flax seed oil and/or arthritis cream.

                        The first stop this morning was for a coffee and shared bagel ($4.65, 3 Forks) at Einstein’s before I went to a Super Cuts to have my ears lowered. ($15, 2.5 hears) Ann became jealous and demanded equal treatment so I drove her to Hair Clips for a wash and blow dry. ($22, 2.5 Shears)

                        Lunch was at Spicy Pickle in the same mall. We each ordered a ½ Bastille Panini (portabella mushroom, roasted red peppers, provolone, red onions, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and sundried tomato mayo) plus a cup of Redrock seafood bisque. I would return for the bisque, but the MSRP of the Panini seemed high. ($6.25, Groupon, 3 Forks)

                        We returned to the room for a couple of hours before it was time to head over to the Gold Coast to listen to the Joe Darrow trio who are currently on break from their world tour of convalescent homes. Old jokes, old music, old larynx and a decidedly old audience summarizes their performance. (1 Clap)


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                          Re: Back to the Future

                          We enjoyed a few merlots at Ellis before departing for dinner at Swish, a Japanese restaurant specializing in Shabu-Shabu. We have dined at this restaurant in its former location several years ago so we new pretty much knew the drill. We shared orders of scallops and shrimp that also included udon noodles, Napa cabbage, onion, mushroom, broccoli, scallions and rice.

                          We cooked the seafood and veggies in a hot pot filled with seawater and then dipped each in either of two sauces which may be customized for one tastes by adding of chili sauce, daikon and/or garlic. The ingredients were uniformly fresh and the overall experience enjoyable, but the amount of seafood was ridiculously small in relation to the price. ($23.84, Livingsocial, 2 Forks)

                          We both put in short VP sessions and read before retiring for the evening.

                          03/19 I once again hit the quad deuces (#9) on the redraw.

                          At breakfast this morning at Ellis, Ann ordered the cinnamon French toast (slightly overcooked) while I had the easy over eggs, sourdough toast (chewy) and breakfast potatoes (amazingly good). Service this morning was excellent. ($8.14, ACG, 3 Forks)

                          On exiting the restaurant, we each played $10 in one of the few remaining 9/6 JOB machines and then redeemed ACG coupons good for $10 each in free play on a future visit. I lost my entire $10 while Ann cashed out for $7.50.

                          Our next stop was the Las Vegas Premium Outlets where we bought a Welcome to Las Vegas T-shirt for our grand niece and picked up a billfold for me to store our winnings. LOL

                          I lost a few dollars in an afternoon session before attending a drawing. My name was not included in the 5 names drawn, but it was nice to be invited.

                          Our pre dinner drinks at Boulder Station included a merlot for Ann (LVA) and a $1 bottle of Budweiser for me.


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                            Re: Back to the Future

                            03/20 I had my worst session of the trip this morning and that is all I am going to say about the subject.

                            Another visit to Einstein’s for our usual ($4.65, 3 Forks) bagel and coffee which we consumed at one of the bars inside Sunset Station while watching the UCONN Women’s basketball team play the University of Hartford in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

                            The game became so lopsided that the network cut away in favor of some other programming shortly before the half so Ann headed to the FPDW machines while I checked the inventory of playable games using a printout from VPFree2 website.

                            Prior to returning to the room, we stopped at Pepe’s Tacos on the Boulder Highway for nourishment. //[/L] This is a very popular (Why?) casual restaurant where you order at the window and wait to be called to pick up the food. We ordered a total of 4 street tacos; 3 with dried out pastor and 1 with tasteless pollo. Our plates included industrial taco chips, tasteless Spanish rice, ugly refried beans. I did enjoy the complimentary carrot and onion escabeche. ($7.84, 1 Salsa)

                            I spent the afternoon digesting while Ann read and lost a few $$ playing VP. In the late afternoon we headed off for the South Point for an evening of drinks, dinner and a show. As we approached the South Point I realized I had left our tickets in the room so I hauled a$$ back to Sam’s. I had planned to fill up the gas tank after the show, but the gauge was now registering empty so I put a few gallons in on our way back to the South Point.

                            By the time we parked at the South Point I really needed a drink so we headed directly to Miguel’s Tequila Bar for the nightly (Wed-Sun) tequila happy hour.

                            We each ordered a tequila mocking bird on our first round. For the 2nd, Ann chose a Patron margarita that was recommended by another patron while I settled on Baja Gold (anejo tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice and soda). ($10, 4 Sips)


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                              Re: Back to the Future

                              Dinner was at the adjoining Primarily Prime Rib restaurant. [L=][/L] Since we hadn’t had prime rib in ages, we each ordered the South Point cut done medium rare with me opting for blackened Cajun style. Our dinners included a house salad tossed tableside, a bread basket and a choice of potato (mashed for me, baker for Ann) or rice pilaf. The prime rib was smaller than at Carve, but pretty good. ($5, LVA, Points, 3 Forks)

                              With our bellies filled we proceeded to the show room to catch the Sha Na Na show. [L=][/L] This group has been performing old time rock & roll for 40 years and, though their voices are not impressive, the show is very entertaining. The high point of the evening came when Ann was led rather reluctantly to the stage to participate in a contest involving a hula hoop, the limbo and the twist. Based on her performance, or lack thereof, she received a gold medal (paper pie plate) that was autographed by each member of the group. ($35, LVA, 3 Claps)

                              On exiting we used our ticket stubs for complimentary beverages before returning to Sam’s