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    Re: Back to the Future

    03/21 This morning’s VP session was better than yesterday’s, but not as good as tomorrow’s.

    Using another 2/1 coupon, we dined at the Feast buffet at Green Valley Ranch Resort this morning. This buffet used to be very good, but both the size and quality have diminished over recent years. ($5.39, LVA, 2 Forks)

    We again made the short drive to the Paseo Verde library where we checked our emails, donated 3 books and purchased yet another book for Ann. She has managed to read a total of 5 books on this trip while I am on page 73 of the book I brought with us.

    In the afternoon I turned $5 in free play at Boulder Station into $20. I have no idea how or why I received the free play, but it was much appreciated.

    While enjoying a pair of drinks at Ellis this evening, we realized we did not have sufficient time to dine off premises so we joined the polo set at the in-house barbecue restaurant. We each ordered ½ a rack of baby back ribs (tender and delicious) that included ranch beans (undercooked), corn on the cob (previously frozen and mushy), coleslaw (tasty) and toast (cold). ($12.72, LVA, 2.5 Forks)

    On exiting, we made the short drive to the Saxe Theater for the Vegas The Show show.

    We had a certificate good for 2 tickets that I purchased online at [L=,],[/L] but neither of boothlings was familiar with it. Initially one of them thought it was a 2/1 and attempted to charge us $98, but after a call to someone in the know we received a pair of general admission tickets. We then were offered the opportunity to upgrade to reserved seats which we declined.

    We were then directed to a line that had formed outside the theater and subsequently were told we would be admitted ahead of the others if we purchased drinks. We declined. At about 10 minutes before show time, the line began to move, but before entering they made one more attempt to pick up a few extra dollars by having people pose for photos. We again declined.

    After all this Mickey Mouse stuff, I was prepared to not enjoy myself, but enjoy myself I did. The show is a celebration of the golden age of Las Vegas entertainment from Follies Berge-type production shows, to the Rack Pack, Elvis, Louis Prima and Keely Smith, a pair of excellent tap dancers, Lance Burton, a Liberace marionette, Elton John and more. The overall quality of the show was perhaps epitomized by the backing band which was Jerry Lopez’s Santa Fe and Fat City Horns. ($81, 3 Claps)


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      Re: Back to the Future

      03/22 I was dealt yet another quad deuces bringing my total for the trip to 10.

      After a sharing an apple fritter plus a coffee for Ann at Ronald’s Donuts this morning ($2.89, 3 Forks), we headed Downtown.

      We parked at the El Cortez and proceeded to the slot club where we gave the booth ling our ACG $10 free play coupons. We downloaded the free play at the bar top 8/5 bonus poker machines where Ann cashed out at $10 and yours truly for $8.75. We then walked to the Four Queens, but upon entering I realized I had left our LVA coupons in the car. Dummy!

      We then proceeded to the almost shuttered Plaza and found an employee, almost the only employee, who worked at the slot club and tendered our ACG $5 free play coupon. The best VP we could find was 8/6 JOB which we played with Ann losing her entire stake and me cashing out at a whopping $5.25. Last stop was the Vegas Club with 2 more $5 free play coupons Ann and I turned into $5 and $6.25, respectively. We existed Downtown with an extra $35.25 courtesy of the ACG and a bit of luck.

      For lunch we dined on street tacos at La Mexicana on Decatur. We ordered 3 pastors and 1 pollo. Though the tortillas are on the small size, they are delicious and filled to overflowing. ($5, 3.5 Forks)

      In the same tiny, rundown strip mall is Botanas La Michoacana that sells house made ice cream and other frozen treats? We each ordered a single scoop with Ann choosing pistachio and me mango. The flavor was very good and there was little after taste. ($2.70, 3.5 Spoons)

      On returning to Sam’s we went to the slot club booth to redeem Ann’s points which we applied to our room bill. The hotel clerk called a host to see if something additional could be applied to our bill, but was told no because someone (moi?) had done too much damage to Boyd’s first quarter bottom line.

      In the late afternoon we watched the first half of the UCONN Women versus Purdue basketball game in the room and then journeyed to Ellis for a pair of merlots and the conclusion of the game.

      Dinner tonight was at Mount Everest India’s Cosine on W Sahara.
      We received pappadum plus delicious tamarind and mint sauces to begin our meal and after an exceptionally long wait we received our aloo tiki, deep fried mashed potatoes, which were overdone and virtually inedible.

      A few minutes later the remainder of our meal, chicken makahani, lamb saag, plain basmati rice and kabuli naan (stuffed with raisins and nuts) appeared. The naan was flat as a pancake and the filling was very bland. Both entrees were large and delicious though the lamb was on the tough side. We concluded the meal with a shared portion of carrot halwa which was a bit too sweet.

      Service, other then by the busboy, was abysmal from start to finish. The sole waiter, I am guessing the owner, sat in a booth across the room from us playing with a cell phone and never once looked in our direction to determine if we or any of the other diners needed anything. I had to call the busboy over to get our check and then it took the waiter an inordinate amount of time to process the payment.
      ($16.99,, 2 Forks)

      I put in a quick VP session resulting in a small profit before calling it a night.


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        Re: Back to the Future

        03/23 I broke even during my final VP session of the trip. At around 6:30AM I returned to the room with a trio of Dunkin Donut donuts and a coffee for Ann. ($3.99, Funbook coupon, 2 Forks).

        The Westies discussed their future at Snake Eyes on the return flight and both agreed their future was pretty grim; so Westie deposited both of the remaining pills in the first receptacle he found on exiting the plane.

        Summary of our gambling:

        3 royal flushes – the most I have ever had on a single trip.

        A total of 11 quad deuces including 1 on the initial draw and 3 more on the redraw.

        This was our 13th profitable trip in the past 16.

        A big thank you is extended to everyone who took the time to read this TR. Please feel free to add your comments and/or questions. Until next trip, may the force be with each of you.

        Marty McFly: Doc, we better back up. We don't have enough road to get up to 88.

        Dr. Emmet Brown: Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

        -------------Back to the Future (1985)-------------


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          Re: Back to the Future

          Great story Westie. Thank you so much for posting. Got anymore of those pills?


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            Re: Back to the Future

            Originally posted by Punter View Post
            Great story Westie. Thank you so much for posting. Got anymore of those pills?
            I order mine through Barry Bonds.