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Gun Lake Casino: A Gun Lake Casino Experience… to forget

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  • Gun Lake Casino: A Gun Lake Casino Experience… to forget

    My wife and I met up with some friends to try the Gun Lake Casino on Saturday, April 2, to try our luck and enjoy some music. We arrived around 7:30 pm and did some wandering around before enjoying a quick meal at the food court. Afterwards, some of us parted ways to try our luck at various parts on the floor. Most of the women went off to play slot machines while I waited for an opening at the only $5 minimum bid black jack table open. I’m not much of a gambler but was willing to have some fun at the lowest cost possible. I waited patiently for over an hour before a spot finally opened up. A middle aged, petite woman was standing next to me and had been waiting longer so I did not bat an eye when she went for the seat first. As soon as she sat down an older gentleman appeared and literally tried to push her out of her seat saying he had been waiting longer than her. The woman stood her ground and he began shouting and pushing before other people there (including myself) tried to intervene and tell him to wait his turn. There was a “supervisor” behind the table, named Robert, which eventually coaxed the man to the side and discussed it with him. Eventually you could see them laughing and calming down off to the side so I continued watching the table. Soon after another chair opened right in front of me and I wasted no time taking his place and threw some cash down for chips. Again the older gentleman made a scene and tried to push me out of my seat. Everyone at the table was trying to tell him that I had been waiting longer and he needed to wait his turn. Robert, again, pulled the man aside to talk to him. I played about 4-5 hands and could quickly tell the dealer was struggling with her math. One play, I stayed on a 15 and the dealer flipped 18. When she was making her rounds I stated that I had 15 to help her out and she said we pushed (had the same amount). The lady next to me asked what I had and I told her a 15, she just laughed. The man on the other side of me said I should sleep well tonight because he even heard me say I had a 15. A couple hands later the dealer flipped an 18 and hit again to bust. This is an obvious no-no for any dealer and Robert was standing behind her when she did it and quickly flipped the last card over. This obviously brought an uproar to the table and Robert quickly vanished for a few hands when players asked for an explanation. The argument was that we as players can’t take back a card, so why should the dealer be able to? We continued playing and I noticed the dealer was continuing to struggle, I even noticed her counting on her fingers to add up her total! Anyway, shortly after things calmed down again, Robert grabbed me by the arm and asked me to step aside to talk. I asked if I could pull my bet and he said, “Just come with me a minute.” He asked me to step away from the table so the older gentleman could play. I clearly said no and that I was not ready to stop. Robert then said that he had 3 people tell him that he was waiting longer than me which was immediately followed up by others at the table saying absolutely not. I told him I was staying and Robert then grabbed me tighter by the arm and asked me again to leave. I asked, “What if I don’t” at which he said “You don’t want to go there.” I shook off his grip and he said he would have me removed from the building if I did not comply. Puzzled and angry I grabbed my chips and asked to speak to his manager. He went off and I stood for another hour waiting. I then grabbed a pen and napkin from the bar and asked him to write down his first name and employee number. He took the pen and paper, went to the desk in the middle, and returned to tell me that his manager said he can not give that info out. “Hello! It’s on your name tag!” I told him and wrote it down myself. By now it was nearing midnight and my party was ready to leave. I again asked to speak with his manager at which point, Robert, disappeared. I talked to another “supervisor” there named Nathan that was very understanding of the situation and said this needed to be brought up with his manager. He said he would go get him but by now my party was at the door and I knew I needed to go. On my way out I ran into the lady from the table who also mentioned she was going to put in a complaint. I put one in immediately the next day through their website and asked repeatedly to be contacted, with no reply.I heard the band that night was a riot (although I missed it dealing with this mess), the food was OK, it was definitely smoky, but most of the staff was unprofessional and didn’t know what they were doing. My word of advice: If you go use caution, but there is plenty of other casinos nearby that seem to have higher standards.

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