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Riverside Casino & Golf Resort: No fun to be had here.

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  • Riverside Casino & Golf Resort: No fun to be had here.

    I used to go here about once a week ... the staff used to be nice,genuine and freindly ... they took the time to stop and speak with people ... Others and myself have noticed now that they have downsized the staff considerably and the ones that are still they seem very unpleasant. Just the other day I was there and A fellow gambler had to wait 30 minutes for an attendant to service the machine. lol no,it wasn't a payout ... I think it just needed more paper. It has been a long time since I've seen someone win any money on slots from this place ... very tight ... 100$ will not last more than 20 or 30 minutes in the high limit room ... and when they do handpay someone in the high limit room it's always the same people ... kinda fishy if you ask me ... and if you use a players club card they know where you play how often you play how much you wager and win ... advantage to the casino all the way on that ... oh and I should mention too that they will help "some" of the regular/local gamblers ... they will hint to where the hot machines are ... myself and others have witnessed this ... In my opinion, this is just another sleazey dirty smokey casino that looks nice on the outside,but once you've spent some time here trust me you'll be disappointed. 1. very tight slots 2. unpleasant/unhappy staff 3. worst buffet food ever. 4. smokey stinky environment. 5. just generally pretty crappy.

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