just visited here [in April 2011]. I play some table games but never slots, which they certainly had there.

I had trouble finding reviews, so here are basic facts for the gambler as I could glean:


$15 blackjack for the minimum whenever I saw it.
was there during the week, minimums may go up weekends?
BJ Pays 3/2.
Dealer stands on soft 17.
Double after Split allowed, and you could split again at least once [perhaps more].
8 decks out of a shoe with no autoshuffle and approximately 2/3 penetration.
No surrender .
Theoretical 0.36% HE


$10 minimum craps evenings only, after 5 [on weekdays].
Better availability on weekends? was there during the week.
Free odds were 3x4x5x
Field paid 2X on snake-eyes and boxcars.
0.374% HE on the pass line with full odds

0/00 roulette was available, didn't play or notice the minimum.

3 card poker was available, didn't play or notice the minimum.

some of the slots had videopoker as one game out of multiple otherwise non-poker choices, double double bonus [I think] only, and I failed to note anything else [didn't play].