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Point Casino, The: No Point in Stopping Here

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  • Point Casino, The: No Point in Stopping Here

    I stopped in here on a weekday afternoon for a couple of hours, 1 to 4 pm. This place is very small, dark and way off the beaten path. The grainy eighties music and wood paneled walls at the Players Club desk add to the run-down tavern atmosphere. The table game(s?) were hard to find, thus very tiny. There are three or four offerings for many of the popular slot games, making for a very small gaming floor. Several of the machines were shut down or out of paper tickets. O.K., this looks very low budget; perhaps they keep the overhead down to pay out more prize money. Right. I played .30, .60, and 1.20 on several of the working machines. I was never close to breaking even. I found the play to be boring, with half-sized bonuses few and far between. Several of the regulars mentioned how things have tightened up since new management took over. In my case, I went to the Clearwater and made up for most of my losses.I think the only way to survive here is to go right at opening early in the week and find "THE" hot machine in the casino. Just be warned--if you ever did win a jackpot here, everyone else in the room will most likely groan and glare at you for ruining their play for the rest of the evening.

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