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Lucky Eagle Casino: BEST Black Jack Odds in State, WORST Customer Serv

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  • Lucky Eagle Casino: BEST Black Jack Odds in State, WORST Customer Serv

    I am primarily a Blackjack player. My Girlfriend likes slots, so I play them with her sometimes. We've had about the same luck here as we have at any of the many Casinos we've been to. slots are pure luck, some days you win some days you lose. I will say, the selection of games is a bit less here then other places in WA/OR/BC that we've been to. We've stayed in the Hotel. It's not fancy. It's a clean, fair priced, no frills room. About on a Motel 6 level, but fine for the price. They do send coupons in the mail to people in their players club for free or reduced rooms (Usually Sunday-Thursday.) We've stayed there for free several times and for $60 a few times. not bad, really. This place has the WORST comps of ANY CASINO in WA. I Played 6 hours at $50 a hand on Blackjack and I had a whopping $3.26 in food comp available on my card from my play! WOW! For example, had I had the same play at fairly nearby Red wind Casino, I would have earned $150-$200 in CASH BACK that I could cash out THAT DAY or use the points to pay for food (which if you use your card for food there, it's 50% off. So, if your bill is $20 for food, they only take $10 off your card... Sweet!) I complained to the pit about the comps, I've asked if its a mistake? surely a someone who's played an average hand of $50 a bet for six hours in a row should have at least enough to get a meal, right? Nope. There was no mistake. The dealers are either rude or seem uninterested in doing their job, as a rule. There are a few fun dealers, who do a great job, just as in any Casino there are a few on staff who are poor, but in this case the good dealer is the exception, not the poor one. I complained to management once. The lady told me I could fill out a comment card, but she admitted that it wouldn't do much good because the dealers in question were Native and their Jobs were "protected." You get unpleasant dealers who don't smile, who look away. Who make no effort what so ever to try to make it a fun atmosphere. that is their job! To make it fun so we enjoy risking our money! Right? As for the variety of table games, it's a good mix. BEST BLACKJACK GAMES IN THE STATE! They have double deck and Single BJ tables with 3/4 deep penetration. Outstanding. Sure, you can't double after split and can only double on 10 and 11 on pitch games, but they do allow surrender on BJ and no Casino in WA can beat a single deck game with 3/4 deep pen. Craps has 5x Odds which is decent (Red Wind has 10x odds though) The food is average, slightly bland typical Bar/Casino food. I'm not a big buffet guy. I've eaten their buffet once and it was fine, not great, but not awful. Just okay. One complaint about the food is that they close EARLY. SOMETHING should be open at midnight on a Saturday night in a Casino? Right? So, in conclusion, Service sucks. The whole attitude of the place is not customer driven. Oddly, the people in the Players Club are VERY helpful, friendly and professional. It's just the staff on the floor is VERY poor, which means the most to me because that is who I interact with the most. If you are a slot player, I'd go elsewhere, just because of the extremely poor Comps offered here (Besides the Free reduced rooms, which are only on low volume days were the rooms would likely be empty otherwise, they want you there to GAMBLE) If you can stand the rude dealers (or get lucky and get on of the few GOOD ones) the single deck game is the most beatable, most countable BJ game in the state. The PIT is CLUELESS, often too busy BSing with regular players or each other to actually spot a card counter, Trust me...I have a 60" LED TV that this game paid for sitting in my living room A few of the female pit bosses do have fantastic asses tho, so that's a bonus! If there was a focus on customer service on the floor, and a few tweaks here and there, they'd have a winning formula. As it stands now, unless you are a pro-level card counter and can tolerate rude service, go elsewhere.

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