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    I have very mixed feelings about the Four Winds. Only went there twice. The first time we were staying at Blue Chip and stopped in to take advantage of their $400 promotion, where they would cover losses up to $400. We lost $400 in a very short time. We then received the rebate offer along with an offer for a free hotel night and on a specific date, a $200 bonus. We took advantage of that and booked the hotel for the night prior to the bonus offer. We babysit a grandchild during the day so couldn't leave the northwest suburbs of Chicago until 6p.m. Once on the road, we encountered a problem on the road where all lanes were blocked due to a truck being overturned and grease on the road. I called to advise the hotel we were still on the way but that we would be late. They stated they could only hold the room until 9 p.m. I told them we had a reservation and were still coming and that is why I called. They said they were overbooked and if they couldn't put us up there they would find accommodations. This ticked us off plenty. We arrived at what we thought was 9:05 p.m., but in Michigan it was 10:05 p.m. We got the last room available. Bad news was it was a smoking room and we had reserved non-smoking. Good news was - it was a suite. Loved the room and view and had a good night's rest before heading to the casino in the morning. We went directly to the player's club to get our rebate credits and bonus credits posted to our players cards. It was around 8:30 am. The system was down for updating for about an hour. Couldn't they have done this during the night? Here we are ready to play but not on our dime again. We need to wait for the credits to be put on our cards. So we decide to have breakfast. The buffet is not open until lunch time. No coffee shop. There is a fast-food type area that serves breakfast. Fairly expensive I thought, and not very good, but it killed time. Around 9:15 the players club was operating again. We got the credits and played for a couple of hours. This time the machines were a little more generous to us and we took back our $400 plus the $200 bonus and left.Bottom line. Loved the hotel. Had one experience were the slots were cold as ice, but the next time they hit fairly well. Video poker sucked. Did not try the tables. We now get offers almost daily but it is 2-1/2 hr. drive and generally not worth the offer so it is unlikely we will return unless going up with friends. If you get a hotel offer, I'd say go for it. The hotel being surrounded by forest makes for a lovely retreat. The casino, like most, is hit or miss.

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    Re: Four Winds Casino: Four Winds Casino

    4 Winds has some great VP machines--ya gotta find em.
    Have had better luck there than Blue Chip.

    25 miles apart, worth going to both if you're from out of town.

    Drive another 40 miles, or less, you can hit FIREKEEPERS too
    but I've never been since they opened.