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Muckleshoot Casino: How to Win? Don't Go!

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  • Muckleshoot Casino: How to Win? Don't Go!

    I have to agree with Steve Kramer's assessment of this place. The place is so big that your money just disappears from the local bank of slot games you are playing on and rarely returns. Using Mrs. Playwright's advice on going at a favorable time, I went during the midday right after a busy weekend. The machines I played took over 500 spins to produce any kind of bonus game, changing several times. And the hit frequency was running about 20%. There was a higher roller playing nearby (4.50/spin), and he doubled, then lost everything (about 1500.00) in 40 minutes. On top of that, this casino is so big and dark that security is poor for the audience it attracts. I noticed one guy watching my gaming area for over two hours. Sure enough, when I went to get some cash from a well-used ATM machine to continue playing on my machine, I returned to an empty balance. At least someone has figured out how to win at the Muck. The casino loves to point out its "first in Washington State to win over a million bucks" payout which occurred last March on a Quick Hit. Assuming that the tribe grudgingly pays out 75% per their compact with the Tribal Gaming Commission, does this give you an idea of their marketing strategy and how it affects your play on their server (aka sucker) based gaming system? My conclusion: 1. If your idea of gaming entertainment does not include losing several hundred dollars every time you go the Muckleshoot, don't plan on playing slots for more than one hour at a time.2. Schedule that hour either on Sunday night from 10:00 to midnight, or from 4 to 5 pm Monday or Tuesday. 3. From the aforementioned hours, plan to give your winnings back half of the time because they might adjust the server to drain you down, and enjoy watching you on their cameras squirm in their empty casino.

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