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  • Potawatomi Bingo Casino: TERRIBLE FOOD AND GAMBLING

    5/20/11 Gambling Funds gone within 2 hours playing 45 cent, 60 cent and 75 cent max bet on slots.No hits and no fun. Went to the Fire Pit Sports Bar and ordered a comped mushroom and swiss burger. AWFUL!!!My partner kept telling me our food was sitting under the heat lamp. Don't know why, it wasn't too busy.The meat had a chewy consistency, something like a mix of hamburger and moist paper towel shreds. It's hard to explain, but it wasn't enjoyable. Fries were sparse on my plate,they were OK, somthing like Orieda Fast Food Fries, so no big deal.There was BLARING BASS Rap, Metal music from a "cheap looking tiny OPEN club" they put in right next to the restaurant. I couldn't hear my partner talk. I'm 50, that's not pleasant to me. Why wouldn't they have that club closed off ? They obviously want the young crowd, not my crowd.At my age, I would NEVER gamble in that area.There is a HUGE HUGE open parking lot that is ideal for those driving larger pickups and SUV's. It is permanently closed off (for 6 on 5/20/11 ) cars that belong to Potawatomi Supervisors who don't want customers parking their vehicles near them?????I don't understand that. They want my money in their pockets, but they don't want me parking anywhere near them?The parking structure and tiny outside lot for customers is tight parking. I don't want those "other people" parking near me either! Teasing LOL, I love my fellow gamblers. Other than the employees, I HATED EVERYTHING ABOUT POTAWATOMI.

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