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Diamond Jo Casino Worth: Bad Bad Bad slots

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  • Diamond Jo Casino Worth: Bad Bad Bad slots

    Because the location is close to where I live, I tried many times to go to this casino for my gaming entertainment, but this place is Horrible if you are hoping to win anything on slots! They have the tightest slots of anywhere I have ever played! Don't bother wasting your money there, trust me find a better casino! No matter how many times I visit, its always the same result- lose your money fast, little enjoyment. Sad that a casino can take in that kind of money and post a payback of over 90% payback. At least when I go to Waterloo with the same amount of money I can play MUCH longer and I get great comps to use off my card! Its worth the drive to go further to avoid Diamond Jo!

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    Re: Diamond Jo Casino Worth: Bad Bad Bad slots

    Haven't been to Diamond Jo in years. Do they still have the $75 bonus for every diamond suited Black Jack on Thursdays?