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Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort: Greedy stockholders

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  • Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort: Greedy stockholders

    I used to go there and win or win enough to play for awhile. Now no one is hitting. It's too bad, it used to be a fun place to spend some time. Now you can go in and drop $200.00 in an hour on a 25 cent machine and win nothing. ZoomZoom and nice visit must have got lucky or they work they and tried to make it look appealing. All the license plates in the lot are Ohio or Pennsylvania. Well, when Ohio opens a casino, goodbye Mountaineer!! It will be a ghost town except for the horses. They get fined, but not enough. The service is poor for drinks or when a machine needs looked at, with your money in it. The employees are underpaid and overworked. So MANAGEMENT, loosen up your machines and we will keep coming. If not, may the share holders and all of you go down on the greed ship, to the bottom and lose your butt like you have made many people recently! GREED WATCHER

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