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The Meadows: Terrible payout, but nice casino...

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  • The Meadows: Terrible payout, but nice casino...

    Yes, the payout here is pretty bad! My mother and a couple of my friends, and even me on occasion, play the slots. I always hear from them that they lost like 150 dollars, or 80 dollars, or whatever. I lost 80 in one night there, was betting 20 and 30 cent bets, and didn't even hit once. Terrible. This is a little better then Wheeling in payout, but not that much. My mom just got back tonight. She blew 80. Didn't hit anything. This is my favorite casino in terms of atmosphere and even the area it's in, however the payout has been bad ever since the new casino opened in 09. Wish they had soda machines, that would be a big plus. Beers are kinda expensive. Decent dining here. Hey what should I expect, right? A casino is a casino. They all rob you. Overall, very nice place to visit and relax. The slots have good variety, atmosphere is something definitely to be desired, Pacers is great to sit at(through the week, when it's not jammed), bands are usually really good, much easier to get in and out of then The Rivers, beautiful area around the casino! Casino itself 9/10. Payout 3/10.

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