Slots didn't pay out very well at all. Over the course of two nights gambling there, I put in about $100 on either $1 machines, or $0.25 machines. I might have won about 10% of my pulls. I'd not recommend the slot machines.The table games are very nice, 3/2 odds in blackjack with what seemed to be 6 or 8 deck. Minimums on BJ were $15. Roulette had 2 tables, one was a $10 minimum and the other a $15. Double zero's on both tables. I didn't try craps or any other table game. The Greenbrier is a very nice resort, the casino has a jacket requirement for patrons, but has plenty to loan out if need be. Don't bother driving to this place to gamble, it's reserved for resort guests and members only. Cocktails run about $12, beers $6 and shots about $10

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