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Fitzgeralds in Las Vegas?

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  • Fitzgeralds in Las Vegas?

    the fitzgeralds in las vegas. i was wondering if anyone has stayed and played what the service was like etc. are the bartops at the vue bar upstairs anygood. would appreciate any feed back. thanks

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    Re: fitzgeralds las vegas

    I've stayed and played there. The rooms are okay -- your basic 'Holiday Inn' rooms with very few frills. An okay place to sleep, but it's not Bellagio by any means.

    Video Poker is decent at the Fitz. There are some full-pay games in the bartops at the Vue, as well as some banks on the floor that offer good pay schedules.

    There is one designated bank on the main floor, near the hotel front desk, that offers a bonus of a free steak dinner with any 4-of-a-kind. That includes 8/5 Bonus Poker games, which makes it a good play if you're hungry.

    I've always found the service to be really good. Nametags of the employees say that they're, 'Fitz Friendly,' and I've always found that to be true. Very friendly people, and a fun little casino with low table limits and fair Video Poker.