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Good Deadwood, SD casinos?

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  • Good Deadwood, SD casinos?

    Any one have any suggestions on Deadwood? Where is best place to gamble? Where is best/cheapest place to eat?

    We are going there in a couple of weeks. Haven't been there for about 3 years. Everyone says the casinos have expanded. We are staying at Mineral Palace.

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    Re: Deadwood

    Hi Barb:
    We were in Deadwood two weeks ago. We stayed in the Days of 76 Campground, just down the hill from the First Gold so I don't know too much about the casinos 'on the other side of town'.

    We ate the $3.99 Senior lunch buffet at the Four Aces and it was pretty good (not as elaborate as the ones at major casinos in Vegas and Tunica). The Tin Lizzie has a senior special every day.

    Friday night the Franklin had free food set out in the casino as did the Four Aces. First Gold always seems to some free food. Many of the smaller casinos had free popcorn and nachos.

    As for gambling, we were not lucky. We did not lose too much and had fun playing, kinda expensive entertainment. Some of the smaller casinos had some of the older machines.

    Have fun!
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      Re: Deadwood

      We were there a couple of years ago and stayed a motel about 1mile out of Deadwood on the road to Lead. Real nice and inexpensive. They have a suttle that goes into Deadwood on a reular basis. I think the sister hotel is the old hotel on the main street. Sorry can't remember the name of it


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        Re: Deadwood

        We go to the Four Aces and the Tin Lizzy right next door when we're in Deadwood. Can't beat the prices. Senior prices that is. Ain't gourmet but it's good.

        Also, we go to the Silverado for all y'all can eat crab legs. It's located in the basement of the building. It's HOT down there and it's crowded. But them legs is good. The Four Aces also have the legs but they are SMALL.
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          Re: Good Deadwood, SD casinos?

          Thanks all! Especially about the crab legs. YUM!! We are going with a bus group, so don't have a choice where we stay.
          I do know that when we have gone before, we only had to buy 1 meal as there is always something to munch on.

          Love Tin Lizzie!! They used to have a free slot tourney. Didn't win, but was lots of fun!! My husband did win over $1,500 at First Gold a few years ago.

          That was great. Don't expect to win a bundle but we just go to get away!!!