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Catfish Bend Casino- Burlington: Truth

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  • Catfish Bend Casino- Burlington: Truth

    Truth is ANY positive responses to this Casino are from THEM that own or have stock in this Casino. NO ONE that really likes to Gamble would like this place AT ALL.It's new, the building looks like a public electric company.It stinks. It's dark.The Machines are OLD OLD machines. Some Penny slots are new. Most were drug over from the old nasty boat that use to house these awful machines.Yes Legally most Casino's are allowed to keep machines at a low 80% paypack at will and whenever they please. Well they take FULL advantage of this law in the whole state of Iowa. And it's starting to come back home to THEM now. They are not increasing their customer base because they don't HOOK EM like they use to. Young people turning of age to gamble go and hate it now. Years ago you would go and win some and want to go back. I have not been to Catfish Bend in years due to the awful atmosphere and NEVER WIN. I understand losing, but like Riverside (also a part of this Catfish Bend Casino) they seem to be hooked on "people who love to lose and are retarded enough to come back". NO more for me. At this point I cannot say ONE good thing about any Casino in Iowa expect the Horse Shoe in C.B. it does not have a reasonable average payback either but you can get some play because the place is huge and you can roam around. NO PAY, NO PLAY. I wish people who love gambling would cut back, give them what they give us, cut their fun, they cut ours at will. You have control too over your wallet and say NO to them.On a personal thought " how tough do you feel the Gaming Commission is on State Casinos when the STATE makes money off the Casino's take? you figure it out yourself.

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