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    The All-New Turtle Creek Casino.....they always keep their casinos towards the cutting edge of design - their previous casino wasn't really that old but like Vegas they tore it down and built an even better (but a fair amount smaller) casino with a nice hotel attached now. A very nice selection of slot machines and quite a few that you can play for a while and not lose your shirt. Of course every casino has some lemons and some cherry machines.....but overall you seem to get more bang for your buck at Turtle. They have a couple extra random "jackpot" events that happen hourly, daily, or monthly for an extra $20-$1000 or more in e-credits. They have all the classic machines like Sizzling 7's, Red White & Blue, 5x Pay, etc and some nice modern machines as well. They add or change machines on a monthly basis at least so it keeps the place fresh and more exciting than the average place down the road. I would like to see a few machines that other places have like Wild Cherry Pie or Bonus Spin Red White & Blue (Little River has both) but overall 4 out of 5 stars for slots.Table games are very fair - all blackjack tables are shuffled by hand - they offer 2 deck pitch and 6 deck shoe games with pretty good rules - you can double after split except aces - split up to 4 times - and the overall rules are good. The dealers are almost all very friendly and knowledgeable about their positions. They recently moved all table games to one section of the casino instead of two and it is more "organized" now. And they have the biggest poker room in N. Michigan with 10 tables and tournaments at least 5-6 nights a week. 5 out of 5 stars for a good job on all table games.Customer Service/Players Club is quite good as well. They reps will actually show they care about your business and for example if you go to get a replacement players card - they will tell you oh did you know you have $10 in free promo cash on your card.....they will just do the little extras to make you feel welcome and that they care. Then can be a bit tight with comps - overall they will treat you fairly well but once and a while they will tighten up on comps briefly. But with average blackjack play or slot play you can expect a nice discount or free meal depending on your play level. Overall a pretty good job and about 4.2 out of 5 stars.The atmosphere is great in the new location - with their huge waterfall - and if you look down from the hotel lobby or go up to the 3rd floor you can look down over the entire gaming floor and it is a nice view and one you will not see at any other casino in N. Michigan. The coffee shop is on the 3rd floor as well as a couple gift shops and the Level 3 Nightclub. But the overall feeling of the place is quite nice - exciting lighting - just a good overall feeling while you are playing. About perfect - 5 out of 5 stars.From the outside the Hotel looks as amazing as the rest of the building. Too bad it stops there. Don't get me wrong it is a nice hotel - it is quite clean (although for example around the bed you will find just a fine line of dust about 1/8" wide) where the vacuum can't quite get to the base of the beds. I know it is picky - but the rooms are well over $100 a night retail price and should be close to perfect. One time there was 2 dead bugs in the lamp next to the chairs in the room. And for example the countertop in the bathroom has a flat finish on it - and in 2 rooms I have seen rings on the counter "set in" that come from people's drinks or what have you which looks unclean (it really is clean) but it looks dirty in certain light. And surprisingly even less than 1 year after it was open there was paint chipping off the doors to the rooms - and some dings and dents on the walls. Overall though nice - and quite clean - the sheets and bedding is clean and soft. The bathroom is standard but quite nice. Flat screen tv's and overall quite nice just looks a little "beat up" for only being a few years old now. Room service is available for a middle price - about $12-15 for a decent breakfast but the food is quite good. 4 out of 5 stars.Finally the restaurants & bars are very good. Burbon's 72 the fine dining steakhouse is great. Only once right after they opened we waited 30 minutes to be waited on after being seated right away and decided to walk away. They were not busy - only about 3 customers that night - but nobody would come out to take your order. Since then though service has been top notch along with the food. The Season's buffet is the middle priced place and they have an excellent buffet. Seafood including crab legs on the weekends, they have an Asian section that is fantastic including their teriyaki chicken is the best I have tasted. Priced at $19.95 or under (and additional discounts with a players club card) it is a great value for what you receive. Finally The Deli is their lower priced 18 hour a day restaurant and that is the one place that is a bit lacking. Service is just average - the burgers are nothing special - prices are a bit high for what you receive and food is only average. The bars are built around 2 large television towers and are quite nice - many monitors showing your favorite games, etc. Staff is very nice and will get whatever you desire. Overall, if not for The Deli it would be 5 out of 5 stars - but we will say 4 out of 5 counting all food and drink. Turtle Creek is a great place to check out - see the nice waterfall - hopefully not lose your shirt - have some fun and entertainment all in a modern fun atmosphere.

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