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Slots O' Fun in Las Vegas slot club problem

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  • Slots O' Fun in Las Vegas slot club problem

    Had a problem during our winter visit at this casino.

    The slot club is tied in with Circus-Circus directly and with the larger group (Is it Mandalay Bay generally).

    Anyway, we would earn points on the slots and I'd build comps via the pit.

    Didn't seem to have any problem with the points from the slots. However, the pit comps were different.

    First, requesting a comp from the pit got me the message that it was tied in with the computers of the slot club and comps were issued by them.

    So, I checked with the slot club and found out the I had $9 coming in comps for my play.

    I played some more and checked a day later. I had $12 in comps - about what I expected.

    I played several more times and figured I should be up near $20 in comps (enough for a pizza) and went back to the slot club. My comp total was now $7.00.

    A lot of discussion ensued and the slot club person stuck up for me and got me a decent comp but I'm wondering if anyone has the experience to tell me what happened.

    If this is normal, I'd probably avoid using my card at table games there in the future.