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Hollywood Casino & Hotel - Lawrenceburg : Disappointed....

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  • Hollywood Casino & Hotel - Lawrenceburg : Disappointed....

    My boyfriend and I stayed at the Hollywood Casino/Hotel on (Tuesday) July 12, 2011. I was impressed at the beauty of the building and the gardens. We had no problem finding parking. The attendants were very attentive and courteous. We arrived in our room on the 3rd floor. I am a non-smoker and was impressed that there was no stench of cigarette smoke in the hallways or room. The room was very large. It appeared to be clean and we were happy with the price. But.....continue...I'm not a gambler myself but enjoy people watching. My boyfriend played the tables. I have been to the casinos in New Orleans and in Illinois. At the Hollywood Casino, I noticed there was no excitement. The dealers/attendants were doing their job but they could have easily been machines standing there because they had no personalities. I watched as people poured their money into the slots, pressing button after button and I never saw anyone "happy"...or indicating that they had won anything. At the other casinos, people would gather around when someone was on a roll and be excited with them. The machines would sound but as I looked around ~ these people were not winning... Back to the tables....people would roll the dice and the attendants, again, would make their announcements and would switch out every few minutes but they carried on personal conversations about car racing, etc. while the visitors are rolling the dice. They'd watch the dice then look out into the crowd. They never paid attention to their customers....These employees desperately need motivational training so that their enthusiasm can rub off on to crowd.Later that evening we at the Passport Buffet. I thought it was nice and had a nice variety of food. It's pricey but we were given a voucher when we arrived so that when we paid for one dinner at $22, the other was free. I would not have have spent $44 on the buffet.Back to the room...We made several trips from the room to the casino. After leaving the tv on when we left the room twice, when we returned to the room, the tv was off. I haven't figured that one out yet...but everything appeared to be accounted for. It did make me think twice before leaving my purse in the room when I left. Then...the bad part...The next morning, I had a business meeting to attend. I knew that I'd itched during the night and when I went to the mirror, my eye was swelled nearly shut. There was a bed bug bite on my eye. A bite on the cheek of my face. Two bites on my lower jaw. Four bites on my legs and several from my elbow to my wrists! I reported it to the front desk as we left and that was it...I just don't think that I want to go back there....

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