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Bad slot machines at Empire City at Yonkers in New York?

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  • Bad slot machines at Empire City at Yonkers in New York?

    I want to hear from those people who visit Yonkers,NY racino. I was recently their and found video poker machines manufactured by Bally and IGT.

    My question, if anyone can answer it, is are they VLT machines or are the controlled by an RNG.

    I am aware that most racino machines are controlled by the central computer in Albany, NY but what about the machines that are manufactured by Bally (Game Maker) and IGT.

    Can anybody help with this technical situation? There was a video poker book authored by a female author, I cannot recall her name, however, she stressed that when you see a VLT machine to simply walk away.
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    Re: Yonkers

    If it's a VLT-----DO WALK AWAY !!!!!

    They have those in West Virginia too !!!


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      VLT is known as Video Lottery Terminal, as far as I know...that's not a TRUE slot machine & the % payoffs are nowhere near what one can get in a NORMAL/REAL casino.

      It's based on LOTTERY...stay away---run away !!!
      Unless you need a fix.


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        Yonkers VLT

        It has been confirmed that all of the slot machines including the video poker are VIDEO LOTTERY TERMINAL machines.

        I contacted the New York Lottery Commission and they confirmed that they are in fact controlled by lottery.

        As Rick says......STAY AWAY. They are not true slot machines in the sense of RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR operation. Thanks for your input, Rick.
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