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Harrahs Chester Casino & Racetrack: Improved Casino

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  • Harrahs Chester Casino & Racetrack: Improved Casino

    Harrah's Chester has improved in recent years. Their customer service is exceptional and their slots have become less tight. The diamond lounge has also improved, with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and other dishes now served. They started giving vouchers to everyone once again and the casino is packed again. It's currently July 2011 and that's the month they brought back the vouchers to everyone , including gold members. Not sure how long it will last If you see Dan-O or Big John at the entrance, they will greet you with a smile or a big hug. Probably the 2 best security guards this establishment has and they do recognize all the repeat guests! They deserve a pay raise. They also have all the newest slots like the Hangover, Sex& the city and tons more new slots. Probably the best casino for new slots action. They also have the traditional old 9 pay line nickle slots for tiki torch, etc. They hide them in the very very back. They've recently added 5 new grizzly bear machines located in the middle left by the poker machines and also they've added 6 new Tiki torch machines and 6 new Sun & moon machines located in the very back right near Cashman. So they do listen to people's requests. They do have tight slots, but I've also seen my fair share of players hit jackpots and win a lot. If you love variety of slot machines, this is the best casino to go to. It's 3x larger than Sugarhouse that just opened up and it has great table actions for high rollers and an asian restaurant open until 2 am every night (4 am on weekends) located near the high roller table games in the back right by the wall opening. They offer a diamond parking pass on the 3rd floor, but people who aren't even diamond always park there and clog it up. They need a gate to swipe your card to enter the 3rd level because it's not moderated at all. They have an average buffet located in the very very back. And they have a good sports bar with the biggest television you'll ever see called the endzone (located in the front right). They have 2 gift shops, one when you first enter the casino on the left side. Another down the escalator. They have a 24 hour take-out restaurant where they serve cheesesteaks, wings, pretzels, and $5.50 breakfast sandwiches, cakes, etc. The menu is small and select, but it's open 24 hours. That's on the right hand side, a little past the endzone. The poker table section is on the 2nd floor and the dealers are pretty decent. Some of the dealers have dealt at the taj mahal before. Action is pretty good. Busy on the weekends so call ahead to reserve a table. The casino is really a gem. It's in a bad location, but so is Atlantic City. One negative that I have with this casino is the jackpots aren't really that great. The most I've seen was $200,000. No million dollar jackpots and wheel of fortune is capped to like $15,000. ??? But all in all, the variety is there, and that will keep people coming back for a long time. PS. Check out the new Airplane machine in the middle left section past the nickels.

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