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  • Potawatomi Bingo Casino: Potawatomi: Craps

    I've read all of the reviews for the casino and it seems that the slots really are rated pretty much universally bad. I would agree with that assessment as I've spent a little time at the machines. I guess a casino can manipulate the payout of slot machines which is why I don't play them a lot . As a result, I only play Blackjack or Craps, principally the latter. The primary reason is that I do enjoy those table games. But also, it's worthy to point out that , for better AND worse, you can't manipulate the inherent randomness and expected percentage outcomes of the roll of dice. So, as long as the layout of the table is within standard payout limits, you can't be cheated like you can with a machine that has a chip that can be manipulated by management, I also like the fact that the expectation of winning anything at a crap table is, for the most part, about the same in Reno, Vegas, Atlantic City, Chicago, or Potawatomi. As a result, i can say after giving this casino many, many hours of play over the last 9 years, as well as gambling on the East Coast and in Nevada, that I've done very well, which really means that I've lost very little. The most favorable bets in the casino are really the least unfavorable. These are found at the craps table. Good luck.

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