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Harrington Raceway & Casino: Getting better

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  • Harrington Raceway & Casino: Getting better

    I have been to AC, Las Vegas as well as many local casinos. This isn't the biggest nor the nicest. However, it is close and on the way to the beach. Of the three casinos in DE, it is the best one for table games. It seems like we never do well at the slots. Dover seems to have a higher payout. Delaware Park is terrible. I am not sure what the payout percentage is for their slot machines.They used to have a 6 or 8 deck shoe but most of their games are now on the constant shuffle machines. I think it gives the house slightly higher odds. They report the high roller room has 6 or 8 deck shoes.The buffet is the best one out of the three casinos in DE. The food can be very good or mediocre depending on the day or when the fresh food comes out. Usually it has been fine for us.The dealers for the most part are very nice and will try to help novices at Blackjack and Craps. There are a lot of newbies at the $2 Blackjack tables and they often do questionable things, but I don't know if if makes much of a difference with the constant shuffle machines.If you go regularly, they have gotten better at comps to keep you coming back.

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