Well, another year has gone by since my last review of the "Mo" as its called around here. Problem seems to be that they just don't give a crap about what people think of their casino since NOTHING has changed. If anything it has gotten even worse, if that is possible. The following are reasons that you should stay as far away from this casino as possible:1. SLOT PLAY: Playing the slots you are much more likely to lose than win, however, the machines should be paying enough to make your stay enjoyable and exciting. This is not the case here. They have the LOWEST payout rate of any casino in the state hanging just barely over 90%. Hitting bonuses is difficult and when you do the payouts on their bonus play is just plain pathetic. 50 spins on a 1.00 bet should at east earn you 40 or 50.00 after 60.00 worth of play into the machine. On average, the payouts for their bonuses were between 10 and 20.00. That my friends is just downright insulting. My advice to you is to save your money and go to Mt Airy or Atlantic city where at least you will get a few hours of enjoyment for your money.2. EQUIPMENT: Get ready for broken buttons, open doors, cracked glass, and constant tilts. You will find that when you are playing many of their games that if by chance you do start to "win" a little bit, their machines have a bad habit of going into "Tilt" mode and shutting down on you. I know that things like that happen from time to time, but when it seems to happen ALL of the time you start to wonder. Especially when after waiting 20 or 30 minutes for someone to come and fix the machine you can't get a winning line to save your life. The Ticket cashing machines are constantly out of order so you have to go stand in line at the cashier to cash out and they usually only have one or 2 cashiers on at any given time, even on their busiest nights.3. DINING: Let me just say this, get in your car and go somewhere else. It will be not only cheaper, but the food will be much better. Anywhere you go.4. PLAYERS CLUB: Ok, this is interesting, no hotel and nothing else to do BUT gamble. This would make you think that just maybe their comps would be outstanding. Think again. As a member of their "ELITE" club I received a whopping 20.00 in free play per week for the month of July, didn't get invited to any events, NOTHING. I didn't even get an invite to the swipe your card for freeplay event. My point is this, if you think you might at least get some nice freebies don't get your hopes up.In short, this is a pathetic excuse for a casino. I hope you will take my advice and save your money, it would be more exciting to make the drive to Atlantic City where there is more to do and the slot play is a little better.

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