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    I have been playing at the Snoqualmie Casino since it opened and have won a few jackpots on the slots, but in the past months the slots have gotten alot tighter. You don't get the "every few winnings" to keep you playing anymore...its a suction & draining feeling from your wallet to the machine and you are the middleman. TIP: if you put in a $100 bill the machine will take it quicker than putting in $20'S. I feel since the food is expensive and so are the drinks that they could at least let us win a bit more. After a concert we wanted to have Sushi and were told there was a 2.5 hour wait....You're Kidding?....and the eating area only seats around 20 people. So we decided after losing $$ before the concert and after, that we would get takeout from there...they DO NOT have all the choices on the takeout menu. I would like to see them enlarge Kiindai's to accommodate more people. The Valet service is very friendly,quick and cheerful....but they let a visually intoxicated lady get into her car and drive away....WOW...I WAS NOT IMPRESSED with that.....since I was going to be on the same roadway in a few minutes too.The Waitresses are very friendly and do get your drinks quickly but if you go during the weekdays and before 5pm...they are scarce to find.I don't believe the Sno Corporate office figured the casino would be a large draw in such a short time since the Muckleshoot is only a half hour away (but I feel it has a lower class of patrons there, this is why I stopped going to the Mucks since they opened0. Summary: If you want a chance of winning go during the weekdays, mornings are better, early mornings on the weekends or after 11pm daily. If there are more patrons playing they are tighter than a few playing. Good Luck!

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