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    I'm going back to Laughlin for the first time in a year. They have tighten the slots in Reno and vegas two ways. One by taking out the machines that paid back and two they changed over to ticket in ticket out they lowered the percentage payback with a new chip. My question is there any coin payback slot left in Laughlin and where are they? [IF ANY]

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    Re: Laughlin Slots

    Hi slotmaster, I'm sort of a slotmaster myself. I never play unless I have an advantage. To answer your question, Laughlin has plenty of coin in-coin-out left. I'll work my way from Harrah's on down.

    Harrah's: all tickets, River Palms: 25% coin and getting worse by the month, but the bars were still all coin,Golden Nugget: 40% coin with most being video poker(Sigma and gamemakers there), Pioneer: all coin(nickle williams and quarter gamemakers there), Colorado Belle: 45% coin, upstairs bar is still coin(Sigma VP there), Edgewater: 40% coin(nickle williams there) Ramada Express: 40% coin: (Sigma VP and nickle Williams there) Aquarius(Old Flamingo): all tickets now, Riverside: 20% coin,(Sigma VP and gamemakers there. The Avi(Indian) is about 25% coin(several .25 and 1.00 Game Kings there). The Spotlight 29(old Trump 29) in Coachella California was about 60% coin out early last year.....big casino if you've never been.

    The Edgewater,Ramada Express,Colorado Belle and the Riverside are the best for bonus machines(.25,1.00 cherry pies, diamond shafts,red/green bingo,instant bingo,a couple flush attacks left at Ramada also, I think)

    Good luck, hoped that helped.
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