My husband and I used to go to the Greyhound racing years ago. When we decided to visit again we noticed that they now had a Casino and Hotel attached. I made reservations online and the rooms were quite pricey but decided to go anyway. When arriving the front desk and valet service was very nice and helpful. Our room was very spacious and clean. We went to the Casino and tried out some slots. My husband did hit some big amounts on a couple of machines but on the whole most of the machines were very tight and not paying off. If someone was lucky and happened to find one that did pay off they didn't leave it until it started to get cold. We then went into the racing area to eat at the First Turn Restaurant and bet on the dogs. The restaurant was very nice and clean and the server was very friendly. The loaded potato soup was excellent however the prime rib was very dry. We didn't do too good at choosing the right dogs to win either. When we decided to go back to the room to sleep, in the middle of the night we could hear people walking in the room above us and also people talking in the hallway. The insulation is not very good. The bed was very comfortable but the pillows were too soft. Other than that the room was good. The full buffet breakfast was very nice. They had anything that you could imagine to eat and even had a couple of guys there to cook you eggs the way you wanted them and the omelets were great. However, if you were a little late for breakfast you had to wait a while to have your eggs done your way. The next day in the casino I did finally get a pretty good machine that paid off a little to make up for the day before. We went to lunch at the First Turn Restaurant again to have lunch and bet on the dogs. My potato soup again was excellent however the hamburger was again too dry and too thick. We did have a better day and choosing the winners on the dogs and came out a little better than the night before. There were a lot of machines that went being played especially the 25 cent machines. They really need more variety of machines, things like Sex in the City and Top Dollar and American Idol and the big Fish machines. Most people like those types of machines better than the same old regular ones. On the whole we enjoyed our visit there and will probably go back in six months so we won't lose our points. Didn't get to play the table games they were either full or not open and didn't have $2 limits only $5 and up.

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