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Four Queens Hotel-Casino: Great place downtown

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  • Four Queens Hotel-Casino: Great place downtown

    I have stayed at the Four Queens often and never been disappointed. On my last visit I checked in for my first night downtown and never left the casino that night. What held me then was a connection between the very inexpensive comedy magic show at 6 PM and the deal to use the ticket stub as a discount on the later regular comedy show. The entire two shows cost me $15 and on the way out of the first I got a $10 matchplay which hit and paid for the everything. Ask on your way out of the comedy show. They did not just give them away to anyone. They had to go back and gather a few.What draws me to the Four Queens is what can be at times the best double bonus video poker in the world. There is a bank of full pay 10/7 machines with a progressive Royal. And that play generates free room offers as well as some cashback, so it is a good play. Also, clearly marked nearby is quarter 9/6 JOB. However, don’t play the other VP options in the 10/7 bank as they do not generate the progressive royal.Craps must be fun there. I never have played, but while playing VP I always hear a huge amount of yelling from that table. More than average noise I would say. $5 minimums with 5X odds.There is no live poker room, but my traveling buddy plays the table game Texas Hold-em there and likes it very well. After a few hours play, he will ask and get a food comp. Well, the comp is out of this world. It is for Magnolia’s and includes one of everything. He gets it for two. So I don’t play, but I do eat. Even two drinks are included, or you can order one sampling tray of all the microbrews they make. I do that.Magnolia’s in general is a cheap place to eat. There are daily specials and usually a prime rib special. There are 2 for 1 specials that usually let a solo eater take 50% off the bill. Also, go through the Player’s Club line and ask for a food deal. Often they have coupons there and just give them out. There is a 2 for 1 on page 407 of the American Casino Guide.There are two things to watch for. First, if you are going to use a 2 for 1 make sure that it applies to the meal you order. Some specials are excluded. Also, if you go in a group, check the bill. They add on a gratuity for larger parties (five or more I think.) Since you pay at the register, you may not see that until you already have left a tip at the table that has been picked up.On days when you will play heavily, use the American Casino Guide coupon on page 407 to double the first 500 of your points. This is quite a bit. In VP I think a point is earned with $8 in. 40 points can be redeemed for $1 cashback. So this coupon alone almost pays for the American Casino Guide. You can only use this once a year.Many times I have showed up for check-in at 9 or 10 am and they have assigned me a room. Last time I needed to drop off luggage, check in, and then run my one day for Red Rock rental car back to the airport. They let me park free in the valet section until I was checked in. Ask for a quiet room in the South Tower. I always have been given one.I missed that I had freeplay on my card and the Player’s Club also pointed that out to me. Always now I will ask that question as well. It was not in my mailed offer. I don’t know why it was there.There is no pool. If Binions pool is open, we can use that one, but it has been closed a long time now.The Four Queens is one of the few casinos that still has a Silver Strike machine. From time to time for 20 coins they mint and offer limited $200 coins that are as big as a saucer and generally worth much more than $200 as soon as they are issued.This led to one negative experience. I entered my room just by showing my key (not trying it) while the maid was cleaning. I put out a few hundred dollars in Silver Strikes and the maid left while I had them on the bed. I could have been anyone with an old hotel room key. This discouraged me from getting housekeeping when any valuables are around. I don’t eat upscale much, but Hugo’s Steakhouse has a good reputation.The Four Queens is one of the few places downtown where you can rent a car. Budget lists them as a location. Sometimes the price is the same as renting at the airport.Right outside the hotel is a Half Price ticket booth so each day we stay there we can easily check to see the deals on shows and food that are offered by that seller.Centrally located to all the downtown casinos and very close to the bus stops, this is a casino to consider when booking downtown.

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