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Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center: not up to standards

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  • Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center: not up to standards

    I don't really play slots much, but the variety of games is limited and the slots appeared very tight. I have spent some time in the poker room on several trips, and found it to be OK, not great but not terrible either. My biggest problem with this casino is with the table games. It is essentially impossible to find a blackjack table at night, unless you want to play $25 min. They have 2 crap tables, one of which is usually closed. I have been on a completely full craps table that they decided to close at 2AM, leaving you no craps options as the other table was full with people waiting.The food options are very limited. The French Quarter has good meals off the menu (but pricey), but the seafood buffet was one star at best (can you imagine having a seafood buffet without offering tarter sauce?). The First Turn restaurant has spotty food - some good, some embarassingly bad. I had the "Turkey/Bacon Club" on our last trip. It had one thin slice of tomato, cut in half with one half on each side of a sub roll, one slice of cheese, one lettuce leaf on each side of the sub, and (count it) one slice of bacon. It was a joke.The whole place seems to be just like what you would expect if your state government was running the business - not customer oriented, not profit motivated, and not up to the standards of "real" casino companies.I used to go because they reliably had $5 craps, but now they have decided to start with a $10 game and only open the $5 game later. I doubt I will ever make the drive to play there again...

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