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Rosebud Casino in Mission, SD - lacks hospitality

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  • Rosebud Casino in Mission, SD - lacks hospitality

    On their commercial it says 'where gonna win you over' and 'Land of the Friendly People'. The last two visits to this Casino were terrible. We were not treated very nice at all; in fact I won't go back there again and I told all my friends here on the Rosebud Reservation.

    I should get them for false advertisement and report them to the National Indian Gaming Association because of the the treatment we recieved. We were stranded because of the blizzard in February - so we went to the hotel to check on rooms for the night - there was no way we could drive out of there. They told us if there is a cancellation - so we waited in the waiting room for about an hour and a half - then we asked if there were any cancellations - then they informed that there is a waiting list. (Well! We were sitting there for that long for someone to inform us that we have to get on the waiting list)

    When we finally did get a room; we walked past the front desk again - they stopped us and said they need more money. (What?) We already checked in and the price they set or quoted was paid; but then they wanted more. I was shocked. In the first place we couldn't go anywhere and we had two kids with us - so we didn't want to take any chances with them.

    I told a few of our friends from that area and they said 'It was a blizzard they should have gave you an emergency room or some kind of discount. Instead of preying on stranded travelers. We are from the Rosebud area and I will not go there again and tell all my friend of our experience in 'Land of the Friendly People' (That's a joke).

    The next time we went there a security guard acted like 'Barney Fife' and carded my friend to was there when we were stranded in the blizzard. So, my friend made a comment stating so - the Security Guard got mad and said 'I don't care and we'll call the cops if you give us any troble.' We didn't go there for troble; we went there to have fun - we thought. The more I write - the madder I get - I think I will take this to a higher level.

    Thank You for letting me voice my situation because we are Native Americans also and we got treated the worst. I'll never go back and will encourage my friends not to go there either.