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  • Harrahs Chester Casino & Racetrack: Total Rewards

    If you're not a diamond card member or 7 stars member, don't even bother going to the Total Rewards Center. There are usually 4-5 lines for Total Rewards customer service. I am a platinum card member and on my 3 most recent visits I waited in line at the Total Rewards section for over a half hour to speak to a customer service agent. It wasn't because it was overly crowded, it was because all of the agents take care of diamond club and 7 star members before platinum or gold card members.Yesterday I stood in line because there was NOBODY in customer service to take care of anyone that didn't hold diamond or 7 stars! The 7 stars and diamond club members trickled in...just enough to keep all of the agents line and our line got longer and longer. Finally a manager sauntered out from a back room to "help out". I was 2nd in line and still had to wait for her to tell the woman in front of me that she was unable to help her. I informed the "manager" that what they were doing was extremely discriminatory I can see them giving the higher card levels preference, but to have NO ONE to help the other people was just wrong! I attempted to reach a supervisor and got a voice mail. I called today and sat on hold for over 45 minutes to speak with customer service. Someone finally picked up the phone and immediately hung up. It's a joke. They don't want to hear our feedback and if you haven't gambled enough to be a diamond member or 7 stars member, it's obvious that you don't matter to them.

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    Re: Harrahs Chester Casino & Racetrack: Total Rewards

    That's not a Chester problem. That is a company problem. When I was at Bally's in Vegas, they had only one cashier for gold cards. When a woman with a 7 stars card got in line, the gold card cashier immediately took her as all the diamond cashiers were busy. And at Bally's and Caesar's in Atlantic City, don't even think of eating there if you are anything less than diamond.