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Foxwoods Resort Casino: Foxwoods review

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  • Foxwoods Resort Casino: Foxwoods review

    I go to Foxwoods a lot so it's not too bad, but I have my share of complaints.

    The Buffet food is excellent but unless you like lunch at 11:15 be prepared to stand in line for a long time.

    The Video Poker is the worst I've seen: 7/5 for $.25 Jacks or better goes to 8/5 if you play $1.00 (still a long way from 9/6).

    Blackjack rules are very good (surrender first 2 cards - double down after splitting). It is sometimes hard to find a seat at the blackjack or 3 card poker tables and usually minimum bet is $15.00. I never stayed overnight.

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    Re: Foxwoods Resort Casino: Foxwoods review

    The poker room for limit players is great. I play often.
    The no limit charges by the half hour and that is not the way I want to play the game, so for that I head up to Turning Stone.
    I agree with you on the buffet. Good, but a long wait. Tough waste of poker time when I am trying to use my buffet coupon.
    I especially like the deep fried cod. What a great batter! Also I make a mean bowl of chili by starting with theirs and adding things from other stations. The Chinese station has the hot sauce.
    The poker room will let me sign out, cash out, leave my name, and then get put second on the list when I get back from lunch.

    The casino does not grab me. It may be the biggest in the world, but it just seems like a huge mall to me, and I don't much like walking around it. MGM did not add much for me and the fact that the two are separate and won't take each others coupons is ridiculous.
    And the video poker is horrendous, but as long as people are stupid enough to play those 6/5 JOB games, why should they give bigger paybacks? I thought competition around the country would create some more full pay opportunities, but instead it has taught Vegas just how much the average gambler ignores the math. The same folks who will travel 20 miles to save a few cents on gasoline, won't read a video poker pay table. I compromised enough to play some 9/7 Double Bonus years ago, but that too is gone.

    I have not played the table game Catch a Wave in a while and am not certain it is still there, but with good strategy
    (Wizard of Odds has a strategy chart it is mathematically as good at blackjack and the game is unique to Foxwoods. I used to play while waiting for a seat at the old poker table.

    I miss the $25 matchplay in the ACG of former years.

    Bus rides on Yankee Trails are a good deal. $20 in free keno bets and the $15 buffet for $26. hard to beat those odds. Only the staying time is too short for poker. I just get going and it is time to leave.

    Gas prices preclude me from driving more than once every couple years when I can fill up the car with other gamblers and make the trip worth the effort. The advantage of going by car is it is easy to split the trip between Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. That is more appealing now that both have poker rooms.