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North Star Mohican Casino: Really the nicest looking casino in WI. but.......

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  • North Star Mohican Casino: Really the nicest looking casino in WI. but.......

    Since the Mohican North Star remodeled and expanded, they are in my opinion the nicest casino in central WI by a wide margin. However, a fancy, up to date, and attractive casino doesn't mean that you will win anything, and that is certainly true at this place. Seems like they are trying to pay for the improvements in a very short time by screwing the machines down so they don't pay back anything. I visited this casino along with my wife and another couple approx. a month ago and spent a good 4 hours there, and no one won anything. That is not the first time I walked out of this place with absolutely not one winning pot. The place looks really nice, and the air is well circulated so no smoke smell is around unless you are sitting right next to a smoker. There are lots of machine's of all kinds so there should be no problem finding one that you like, but beware, none of them pay anything. There is a nice center bar in the casino and the drink prices are reasonable and the bartenders are friendly. They have improved the food service and the snack bar located just off the casino floor has a decent variety of food along with a larger dining room located in a different area.. I only live about 50 miles from the casino but there are no good roads to get from where I live to the casino, so it takes at least 2+ hours to drive there which is really annoying and a big detriment to going there. In addition, I would never drive to or from the place at night because of the deer danger. There usually is one hiding behind every tree.

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