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Riverwind Casino: payouts are horrible

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  • Riverwind Casino: payouts are horrible

    I am a slot player and have played at Riverwind for four years. About two years ago they changed managers and ever since then their payouts are horrible. I have exchanged email with this manager and he blames it on his Slot Machine Vendors. The really bad part of it is the elderly people. They lure them in with small bonuses and free food and then whack them on their machines.I play the Quarter VGT Machines and the payouts are terrible. It is like legal theft in my opinion. The quarter players are the heart of their business and this manager is running them off. Over the last two months their quarter VGT Machines are not being played like they used to be. They take from the quarter player and give it to the high rollers. If they don't change that practice they will lose all of their players.They are relying on new business only now and soon they will run out of customers. IF YOU HAVE MONEY YOU WANT TO LOSE PLAY AT RIVERWIND.

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