Discovered this casino on a business trip. Have seen better Harrah's properties, but this casino opened my eyes to the Total Rewards program for Harrah's properties, my favorite players club.

I continue to get free room offerings, free food and free slot play coupons from this casino, though my business has changed and I no longer travel to KC. It was a good place to earn points that I then used on my frequent trips to Las Vegas.

Missouri casinos have some limitations on how much you can spend in a 2-hour period. If you reach that limit, the machines won't work until the next 2 hour cycle begins. If you play high stakes, it can create problems, but once I understood how it worked, I didn't have any other problems.

Best to play your credits and not cash out often and put money back into machines. There are flyers that explain the limits, make sure to read them so you can adjust your play.

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