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  • Eastside Cannery: Eastside Cannery

    The Eastside Cannery is near Sam's Town and the Longhorn Casino. It is relatively new so we have checked it out a few times.The casino is nice and the buffet good. The first time we went we tried to use a coupon to get a free t-shirt for signing up for the players club but they had run out.

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    Re: Eastside Cannery: Eastside Cannery

    Last year we stayed at Sam's for 5 nites and spent a good bit of time down at Eside. About a 10-15 min walk down Boulder---nice sidewalk. Wife likes to play bingo down there so i spent a good bit of time playing vp. Decent schedules but not full-pay anymore--still decent. At one sitting I hit aces twice!! Anyway, a near-new casino that is clean and fresh. We didn't care much for the buffet--no atmosphere at all--but you can always find something to eat at at buffet. I have heard good things about the rooms, but I have not had a chance to stay there. I'd give it a look if you haven't been there.


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      Re: Eastside Cannery: Eastside Cannery

      If you decide to stay, try to get a corner room as two walls then are glass floor to ceiling. It is amazing if you are on a high floor.
      Seniors can often get $10 off the rack rate. Weekdays that brings the price down to about $30 plus tax and no resort fees.

      A bit of play gets a free night or so for the next trip.

      The poker room manager Brian is my favorite poker room manager in all of Vegas. He is calm, but takes charge. He is personal. If the table is short players, the rake is lowered with no fuss.

      4 hours of play gets you a free buffet from the poker room. Ask for a voucher. it is not great shakes as a buffet, but every buffet has a strong suit. This one is the cookies.

      Full pay VP is only available in the old fashioned coin droppers in the classics section.

      I loved the Latin night at the lounge. The most authentic Latin music I have heard in Vegas. And I ordered an East Side Cannery beer in the lounge. The price was one dollar.

      Remember that the 202 Flamingo bus waits at the bus stop right next to the parking lot while the driver has a break. Then it winds behind Sam's and heads back down Flamingo to the strip. So it is a pretty safe bus stop to be at, even late at night.

      If you have a Bank of America account, right across from Sam's is a drive in teller machine. None of those added fees if you are B of A customer. That I would only use in the daytime.